AAE Wellness Center, Escondido, California

AAE Wellnes Center
613 W Valley Pkwy
Escondido, CA, 92025

The AAE Wellness Center does not disclose its location to the public. The reason for this secrecy is due to the AAE Wellness Center being the famed Crosby Clinic’s most exclusive residential facility, which houses patients enrolled in the 14-90 day program.

The AAE Wellness Center offers patients the ultimate getaway from the pressures and chaoses of addiction. It offers luxury accommodations, a full range of amenities and hospitality services, as well as transportation to and from treatment appointments.

Luxuriate in Secrecy

Given the central location of the Cosby Clinic’s main therapy building, in downtown San Diego, it seemed like a good idea to offer inpatient residential treatment at another, more private location. The Crosby Clinic itself is a rehab that leans heavily towards the belief of addiction as a disease.

The Crosby Clinic, therefore, eschews traditional 12-Step approaches to embrace more scientific, evidence-based treatments for its patients. All Crosby patients seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addictions receive a battery of medical tests and assessments to discover any physical or physiological cause behind a person’s substance use disorder.

As previously mentioned, the residential facility where the Crosby Clinic sends it inpatient residents is at an unknown location. The Crosby Center prides itself on the anonymity that it offers its high-profile clients.

The Crosby Clinic does not make secret, however, any of the facility’s many amenities and hospitality options. The retreat itself only holds about 16 residents at any one time. Each resident gets their own private room, with a king-sized bed, and a personal assistant.

Patients in the Crosby Clinic’s Professionals Program receive office areas and workspaces outfitted with wood furniture, high-speed Internet access, and many other services to facilitate your continued work obligations.

The property surrounding the facility boasts acres of wooded areas, as well as human-made waterfalls, outdoor pools and Jacuzzis. There is an onsite gym and workout area where residents can exercise as part of the treatment plan or when they have free time.

Finding the Cause

Patients entering the inpatient residential program, which lasts for anywhere between 14-90 days, can first begin detox at the SHARP Mesa Vista Hospital. The hospital is where the Crosby Clinic hosts its medically supervised detox for patients requiring it before they enter the residential program.

Detox patients at SHARP Mesa Vista can enjoy comfortable surroundings and amenities, including heated therapy beds, as they undergo withdrawal. The doctors and nurses overseeing your withdrawal might administer prescription drugs to ease your withdrawal symptoms, again, should you need them.

After detox, the Crosby Clinic transports you a world away to begin you 14-90 day stay, although 30 and 60 days options are available. Depending on your particular condition, whether it be an addiction or dual diagnosis disorder, the Crosby Clinic makes use of the most advanced diagnostic tools like MRIs, brain scans, and brain mapping to uncover any underlying medical issue responsible for your addiction.

Based on the results of your diagnostic exams, the medical team at the Crosby Clinic begins to formulate your treatment plan. Despite its scientific bent, the Crosby Clinic does offer more holistic treatments for substance use and dual diagnosis disorders.

Along with group therapy sessions (a non-12-Step group though), the Crosby Clinic offers cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, mixed in with physical fitness plans, yoga, meditation and a healthy living regimen complete with nutritional improvements. Residents can also make use of treatments designed to address trauma-based addictions with neuro and biofeedback, as well as EMDR sessions being available.  

Another Way

Given the time and money involved in inpatient treatment, some Crosby Clinic patients can opt for an outpatient treatment scheme. All of the same innovative and hi-tech diagnostic exams and therapies offered inpatient clients are also available to outpatient clients.

Outpatient clients receive assessments, controlled detox, as well as comprehensive psychotherapy. Inpatient residents can also avail themselves of outpatient services like addiction education and relapse prevention classes.

The Crosby Clinic has been offering all the latest advances in addiction and mental health treatments for over 15 years. Instead of solely relying on science to help treat addiction and dual diagnosis disorders, the Crosby Clinic integrates holistic treatments into all its treatment plans for the most effective results.

For those with the resources and time to commit to the inpatient program at the Crosby Clinic, they can expect an expert balance between medical and alternative options.  

Price for 30 days at the Crosby Clinic: $49,500, about $1,650/day.

Outpatient prices based on a sliding scale.

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