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Refuge Recovery Centers Overview

Refuge Recovery Centers is a group of facilities that aims to provide an effective alternative approach toward the treatment of addictions among patients who are struggling to overcome alcoholism and substance abuse disorders. The approach to treating these conditions at Refuge Recovery Centers are based primarily on Buddhism and enlightenment.
The founder behind the group of treatment centers practice Buddhism techniques himself and does not look upon alcoholism and drug addictions in the same way that AA and NA meetings do. Instead of telling the patient that they are not in control and that their addictions have overpowered them, and telling the patient to reach out to a higher power, the founder has rather developed a program that teaches the patient how to achieve enlightenment and take back control in order to become free from their addictions.

Refuge Recovery Centers Housing

While Refuge Recovery Centers primarily focuses on providing patients access to recovery services that will help them overcome substance abuse disorders, as well as any co-occurring disorders they may be suffering from, the company does have two sober living housing projects that patients can utilize during their treatment. One of their housing facilities is located in Hollywood, with the second one in Silverlake. A maximum of ten patients can reside in each of these houses at a time. There are private rooms available at both houses, along with a number of double-occupancy rooms.

Refuge Recovery Centers Treatment Options

Treatments offered to patients at Refuge Recovery Centers are primarily divided into three main categories to help the intake and admission staff members better categorize the patient according to their current circumstances and condition. These categories of treatment options include:

  • Intensive outpatient services
  • Outpatient treatment services
  • Partial hospitalization services

Additionally, transitional living programs are also offered in two housing facilities that the company owns.

Refuge Recovery Centers Therapies Provided

Refuge Recovery Centers believe in taking a different approach by following certain techniques described in Buddhism in order to promote healing and recovery among patients. Both individualized sessions with a therapist and group therapy sessions play important parts in allowing patients to recover successfully. Other types of therapeutic solutions are also offered at the facility, including mindfulness sessions, and EMDR therapy options.

Refuge Recovery Centers Payment Options

Refuge Recovery Centers accept the majority of private insurance providers within the United States. Some insurance providers accepted include MultiPlan, Premera, UnitedHealthcare, Value Options, Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, and Cigna. For patients with no existing insurance policy, third-party financing might be a possible option if they are unable to afford the front-up payments requested to undergo treatment.

Refuge Recovery Centers Accreditations

No details are provided to help patients understand if Refuge Recovery Centers have been licensed by the state of California, and if the Joint Commission, CARF, or any other National Body have reviewed the services provided at the center and provided the company with accreditation for their treatment solutions.

Refuge Recovery Centers Amenities

An impressive variety of amenities are offered to patients who decide to stay in one of the houses owned by Refuge Recovery Centers. Coffee and fresh salads are almost always available for patients to enjoy. Specialized chefs are also located at both houses to prepare daily meals. Patients are also offered access to wireless internet facilities, a sweat lodge, located on-site, cable television, and laundry facilities.

Refuge Recovery Centers Staff

At Refuge Recovery Centers, the staff members are proud to be part of the group. All staff members are highly qualified to provide therapeutic treatment programs and other services to patients to ensure a higher success rate of recovery can be achieved, while also being motivated and dedicated to supporting every patient throughout their entire journey.
The center has a page on their website that is dedicated to providing patients interested in utilizing their services with a full overview of the treatment team that are involved at the facility – ensuring the patient can understand the experience held by the staff members, and what to expect when they do decide to utilize the services of this company to assist in their recovery.

Noah Levine (MA) – CEO and Founder of Refuge Recovery Centers

Noah Levine founded the Refuge Recovery Centers group to ensure people in the local area can have access to a program that does not include AA and NA meetings, or other typical services that many find unenjoyable and non-inspirational. He is a specialist in addiction recovery treatment and also the founder of a local meditation society, known as the Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, also located in Los Angeles.

Melissa Salazar (MSc) – Chief Operations Officer

Melissa has extensive experience in dealing with companies that are actively involved in the treatment of mental health conditions. She primarily specializes in business operations and development and is skilled in tasks such as business management.

Daniel Doyle (LMFT, LPCC) – Clinical Director

Daniel Doyle is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is also a Professional Clinical Counselor and a Certified EMDR Therapist. Daniel has been working at facilities that specialize in the treatment of addictions since 1997.

Kaitlin Sexton – Director of Admissions

Kaitlin Sexton gained experience while she was involved at the Edgewood Health Network, one of the most renowned substance abuse facility in Canada. She is highly skilled in dealing with matters such as customer service, case management, interventions, and more.

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