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The Hills Treatment Center Rehab Review
8207 Mulholland Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90046

The Hills Treatment Center sits in the center of one of the toniest and most famous places in the country, Laurel Canyon. The Hills Treatment Center offers substance abuse treatment with onsite detox facilities, inpatient and outpatient formats, as well as having two sober living facilities in its network.

Rehab on an Estate

Dr. Howard Samuels founded the Hills rehab center back in 2010 when it was first known as Wonderland. Dr. Samuels does not shy away from his checkered past as a heroin addict and convicted felon.

He embraces his past as a way to make him a bonafide expert, along with his medical credentials, on the proper treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Dr. Samuels is also well-known on the talk show circuit as a knowledgeable and qualified expert on the subject of addiction.

The Hills Treatment Center covers almost four acres of prime real estate in West Hollywood. It was formerly the residence of a famous celebrity so naturally, the entirety of the property contains first-class accommodations and decor.

The house sits behind a gate and affords privacy and tranquility given its location on higher ground. The increased elevation of the house also means that it has stunning views of downtown Los Angeles.

Inpatient residents have a plethora of luxurious amenities awaiting them at the Hills. There are two outdoor pools surrounded by beautiful greenery and outfitted with private sitting areas and a gazebo.

Inside, the house offers private and semi-private rooms for its guests that all feature queen-size beds as well as floor to ceiling windows that yet again, offer panoramic views of Los Angeles. There is a kitchen in the house that, although gorgeous to look at, is primarily used by the world-class chef the Hills employs to prepare all client meals.

Higher Ground

The Hills offers a medically supervised detox program for drug and alcohol addiction. Opiate withdrawal can be treated with medication-assisted therapy.

The detox facility sits apart from the main house and offers comfortable rooms and 24/hour medical and nursing care. Clients in withdrawal also receive individual counseling and acupuncture and massage therapies.

Inpatient residential stays usually last for a minimum of 30-days but can also last for 90-days should clients require it. Treatment plans revolve mostly around individual counseling but can come in a group format as well.

Patients with dual diagnosis can receive one-on-one sessions with a staff psychiatrist. The Hills also treats a wide variety of behavioral health and eating disorders like bipolar disorder as well as anorexia.

For those disorders, the Hills provides more specialized treatments. Options range from cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR sessions for the treatment of trauma-related addictions, and finally, family therapy to treat the loved ones of residents. Far from being a hands-off founder, Dr. Samuels also holds a lecture-like meeting with clients and offers advice along with listening to client’s explanations for their addiction problems.

The two sober living houses belonging to the Hill are only a short drive away from the main location. The sober living homes all offer the same luxury accommodations as the central facility and patients typically stay for anywhere from two to three months.

While at the house residents can receive mentoring from in-house staff who are all in recovery as well as begin attending 12-Step meetings. Residents can also receive life skills training and job placement support while in the sober living house.

The outpatient options at the Hills offer three different tracks for substance abuse treatment. The Intensive Outpatient format requires patients attend two to three days a week with sessions lasting for about three house. Partial hospitalization and outpatient settings demand less time and run between three to four days a week and consists of two or three hour-long sessions.

The Hills Treatment Center is a luxury rehab, no doubt about it. But with a founder and many staff who are also in recovery, the Hills Treatment Center takes your recovery seriously, and the treatment options it offers are proof of that.

Price for 30 days at The Hills: $40-50,000

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The Hills
8207 Mulholland Dr
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