Michael’s House, Palm Spring, California

Palm Springs, California, USA
1910 South Camino Real
Palm Springs, CA, 92262

Michael’s House Overview

Michael’s House is a recovery center that focuses on both addictions and specific types of mental diseases that are common in the community. The center was established by parents who lost their son in a racecar driving accident and has since grown into a well-known and respected facility that treats numerous conditions with high-quality care and treatment programs in the Palm Springs region of California. The center has both inpatient and outpatient care programs available, and there are four different buildings that have been established to provide specialized care for every patient who is admitted to the treatment facility.

Housing at Michael’s House

Even though Michael’s House started out with a relatively small facility, they now own four buildings in Palm Springs and provide specialized care services at each of these. Two of their buildings have been dedicated to gender-specific residential treatment plans, one for male patients and the other one for female patients. The company also has a dedicated facility where patients are provided with detoxification services. Another facility is utilized to provide patients with outpatient-based care services.

Treatment Options at Michael’s House

Michael’s House specializes in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, co-occurring disorders, and mental illnesses that the patient may present. The company conducts a thorough assessment of the patient to determine what treatments would be most appropriate for them and then develops a custom program that will help them recover fast and successfully.

For those with addictions, several programs are available, including:

  • Alcohol detoxification
  • Drug detoxification
  • Alcohol rehabilitation and recovery
  • Drug rehabilitation and recovery

Patients may also be provided with an outpatient treatment program, depending on the severity and type of condition that they present during the initial assessment.

Payment Options at Michael’s House

Michael’s House accepts a large number of insurance providers to ensure more patients can gain access to the help and services that they need to recover from the problems that are keeping them down in life.

Some insurance providers that cover the costs of treatment at this facility include:

  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • CoreSource
  • ValueOptions
  • Magellan Health

More insurance providers may be supported. Patients are advised to get in touch with the facility in order to verify their benefits and see if their insurance provider would cover the bill for treatment.
There might be patients who are insured, but the insurance provider does not cover all the costs. Furthermore, some patients may not be insured. In such cases, the patient will be required to cover the additional costs from their side.

The facility does not provide any details as to whether the patient may be able to arrange for financial aid or if they would allow a financing option to be made available to patients who are unable to pay the amount. Clients can contact the financial counselor at Michael’s House to find out if they can pay their bill in monthly installments.


While the facility’s official website does not provide any details on whether they have been licensed by any California-based authorities, they do provide information in regards to the memberships they hold. The company is a member of NAATP or the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. They are also a member of the Foundations Recovery Network. Michael’s House is also a BBB Accredited Business. Furthermore, the company has been accredited by CARF.

Amenities at Michael’s House

Amenities available to patients who are admitted to a residential treatment program at Michael’s House include access to a pool and hot tubs, as well as a volleyball net and basketball hoops. Daily meals are prepared by trained chefs to ensure patients are provided with nutritious meals that take their well-being into account.


Michael’s House is transparent when it comes to their staff members. The company has a full list of the executive team, supporting staff, and the leadership team that oversees the outpatient program provided at some of their centers. Patients who are interested in undergoing treatment with the center can visit their website to become acknowledged with the staff members that will be in charge of their treatment programs, as well as the members that are in management and director positions at the company.

Barry Mannion (PsyD)

Barry Mannion became the CEO of Michael’s House in March 2018. He received a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology after he attended the Ryokan College. Barry also holds a Master’s Degree in School Psychology and Counseling, from the California State Dominquez Hills.

Barbara Lampert (MD)
Medical Director

Barbara Lampert is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist. She is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Barbara is certified in Psychopharmacology, and she completed her residency at the UCLA.

Kathy Robledo (LVN)
Nurse Manager

Kathy focuses on overseeing the operations of all nurses at the Stabilization Center for Michael’s House. She holds almost a decade of experience and has been with this company for half of that time.

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