Recovery Ranch, Santa Ynez, California

Santa Ynes, California
3694 B. Tivola St
Santa Ynez, CA, 93460

Recovery Ranch Overview

Recovery Ranch is an addiction treatment facility that is based on a ranch in Santa Ynez, California. Only male patients are provided treatment at the facility, with multiple houses available on the property to ensure a large number of men can be served simultaneously. Each of the houses that are owned by Recovery Ranch features a set of amenities that will ultimately make the male patient’s experience more adventurous and comfortable at the same time.
The programs that are offered at the facility are all based on residential treatment protocols, which means patients are required to stay in one of the houses that the company operates while they are recovering from their addictions. Extensive details of the company, along with information of each house and the several amenities that are offered to male patients, are explained on their user-friendly website.

Recovery Ranch Housing

Housing at Recovery Ranch is provided to every single patient that needs to be treated, as all of the services that the rehabilitation center provides are based on inpatient treatment approaches in order to provide more effective long-term results among the patients. Multiple houses are owned by the company, ensuring a large number of men can be provided treatment at the same time. Some of the houses include features such as private rooms, which offer male patients added benefits in terms of undergoing treatment at the facility.
The Santa Ynez unit is the main residential treatment center operated by Recovery Ranch and offers accommodation for up to 32 men, with 16 beds provided in each of the houses on the property. A second facility has been founded recently known as the Recovery Ranch Santa Barbara Division and can offer treatment for 24 men simultaneously.

Recovery Ranch Treatment Options

The treatment options at Recovery Ranch is quite different from what a patient would expect to find at a rehabilitation center. While the majority of rehabilitation centers throughout the area, and even throughout the United States, tend to offer patients access to medication management services, as well as medication-assisted detoxification, this company believes that medication is not the answer to addiction recovery. Instead, they provide services that will help the male patient make positive in his life, which will then help them realize the road to recovery and start following it.
Patients recovering at the Recovery Ranch will be provided access to services such as:

  • 12-step recovery program
  • Alcohol recovery treatment options
  • Chemical abuse education programs
  • Life skills planning sessions

Recovery Ranch Therapies Provided

The therapies that are provided to the patients who are being treated at any of the Recovery Ranch facilities have a particular goal in mind – to help the patient address those underlying factors that have caused them to turn to a life of drugs and perhaps alcohol. This is a popular way for patients to be treated through therapeutic services, and can often help them uncover the truth about their addictions and co-occurring mental diseases, as well as help the patient make the right choices in the future and commit to sobriety.

Recovery Ranch Payment Options

There are no accurate data available about payment options accepted and provided by Recovery Ranch, which might cause difficulty for some patients if they are trying to determine if they would be able to undergo treatment through an insurance policy they hold, or if they would be provided access to financial arrangements if they are unable to cover the costs of a 30-day inpatient treatment plan at Recovery Ranch.

Recovery Ranch Accreditations

The company clearly states on their website that they are not a licensed addiction treatment center. We could also not determine if CARF or another body in the United States have accredited the services that are offered to the patients who need to undergo a treatment program at any of the company’s facilities. Information in terms of accreditations and memberships held with foundations can be obtained by getting in touch with the admissions director or another appropriate staff member.

Recovery Ranch Amenities

Due to the outdoor and ranch-like setting of the facilities that Recovery Ranch utilizes to treat patients, there are many amenities that the patients can make use of while they are being treated. Each of the houses that are used to provide male patients with appropriate residency during their stay features multiple shared bathrooms, and each room offers access to closet space, desks, and other features that can be useful for the patient. A living room is available in each house, where patients can gain access to a television. Housekeeping is done on a daily basis in each of the houses.

Recovery Ranch Center Staff

While no extensive data about staff members can be found on the official Recovery Ranch website, the company does offer basic details of the management staff members, as well as some of the medical staff members that make up their team. This might not provide the patient with an overview of how experienced and qualified the therapists and psychiatrists at the facility are, but still allows the patient to get a broad overview of who is involved at the facility, and to at least become acquainted with a few faces before they undergo the residential treatment program at Recovery Ranch.

  • Daniel Ross – Co-Founder
  • Jean-Claude Brouillet – Vice President & Ranch Hands Director
  • Reid Chaloupka – Intake Manager & Office Manager
  • Dave Martz – Men’s Store Manager & House Manager
  • Dustin Rosness – House Manager
  • Joe Courtney – House Manager
  • Daniel Heald – House Manager

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