Buddy’s House Treatment Center Rehab, Yuba City, California

Buddys House
1770 North Magnolia Drive
Yuba City, CA, 95991

Buddy’s House provides a sober living service for 160 clients in 30 homes across California. The houses are mostly large and located in quiet neighborhoods.

Buddy’s House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The recovery in the Buddy’s House is divided into two phases. The first phase includes:

  • 12-step meetings
  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Peer support
  • Available referrals for detox and outpatient treatment
  • Affordable living arrangement

Phase two includes:

  • Affordable rent
  • Public transportation
  • Personal freedom
  • Visitations
  • Single rooms

Facilities and Extras

Buddy’s House offers exercise and weightlifting equipment. The staff can provide recommendation letters to those clients who were committed to helping and doing house chores during their stay.

There are separate facilities for men, women, women with children, and married couples. Newbies share their rooms with a roommate, while old clients have the opportunity to stay in private rooms. Houses are equipped with WiFi, cable TV, laundry washers and dryers. A number of facilities have swimming pools, patios, and spacious backyards with trees that provide shade.

Meals are modest, but the clients are never hungry. However, those in need of special nutrition, have to buy groceries on their own.

Rules and Regulations at Buddy’s House

Clients who reach the second phase are obliged to prepare their own meals and do house chores.

There are no restrictions when it comes to duration of stay, however, residents are expected and encouraged to look for a job and attend the 12-step meetings on a regular basis.

The staff conducts random drug testing occasionally, and if a patient has relapsed, he/she gets expelled from the center. Other situations that can lead to the termination of the program are sexual misconduct, and unethical and violent behavior.

The cost of a 30-day stay in the Buddy’s House is $ 400-650.


Buddy’s House provides sober living services at 30 different locations in California. The center offers safe, drug-free environment as well as peer support for both women and men struggling with addiction. The treatment is divided into two phases. During their stay, clients are obliged to look for an employment and regularly attend AA or NA meetings.

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1770 North Magnolia Drive

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