Fire Mountain Programs, Estes Park, Colorado

Fiery Sunrise and Alpenglow over Estes Park
5532 US Highway 36
Estes Park, CO, 80517

Fire Mountain Programs Overview

Fire Mountain Programs was developed by a husband and wife duo who first launched a number of programs that offered teens in the area access to camps that focused on correcting behavioral issues and addiction problems over weekends and other times when they were not required to be at school. The founders later decided that they need to be more proactive in terms of helping these troubled teens recover from their addictions, which led to the development of the popular residential program that is now offered at Fire Mountain Programs.
The facility only offers residential care programs to adolescents who are between the ages of 13 and 17. The facility is situated outside Denver, in a quiet location known as Estes Park. Apart from the primary residential programs and camps that the facility is able to offer their teenage patients, an accredited school program is also available, which ensures patients can still attend school while they are participating in a treatment plan for their behavioral, mental, and addiction-related issues.

Fire Mountain Programs Housing

Fire Mountain Programs currently owns two different buildings on their main property where patients are housed while they are being treated at the facility. Each of these buildings offers gender-specific accommodation. The one building is able to provide accommodation for up to 12 teenage boys at a time, while the other building can house up to 10 adolescent female patients at a time.

Fire Mountain Programs Treatment Options

No detoxification services are offered to patients who come to Fire Mountain Programs, but other than this limitation, the facility is able to offer its patients a wide range of treatment services to help them recover and heal. Treatment options that are currently offered to troubled teens admitted to the facility may include:

  • Counseling services
  • Substance abuse recovery services
  • Mental health recovery services
  • Relationship skills program
  • Life skills program
  • Job skill program
  • Wellness program

Fire Mountain Programs Therapies Provided

Fire Mountain Programs understand the role that therapy plays in healing from addictions and mental health disorders, which is why patients are offered individual counseling sessions up to two times every week. Group therapy sessions are also held up to seven times each week. Patients are also able to gain access to family counseling sessions.

Fire Mountain Programs Payment Options

While no specific details are provided in terms of the payment options that are available to parents who would like to send their troubled teens to Fire Mountain Programs, we did note that parents can mark that their teens are insured in the admissions form. This means that the facility is likely able to accept certain insurance policies. Parents should get in touch with the facility in order to determine if the insurance provider they are covered at is accepted, as well as to help them verify the benefits under their current active policy. Self-pay options will be utilized by patients who are not insured. Special financial arrangements may be required for patients who are unable to pay the full amount for treatment before the admissions date.

Fire Mountain Programs Accreditations

Fire Mountain Programs has obtained an AdvancED Accreditation for the services that they have established to assist their patients in fighting against addictions and healing from mental health problems. We did not find any details related to licenses that the state of Colorado has awarded the facility.

Fire Mountain Programs Amenities

Since Fire Mountain Programs is dedicated to helping patients heal in a natural environment, patients should expect to spend a lot of time outdoors. The facility offers all patients nutritious meals throughout the day. A number of camps are also provided to children who are unable to attend the residential program.

Fire Mountain Programs Staff

To help parents and their troubles teens feel more comfortable during the process of admission and getting in touch with the admissions office at Fire Mountain Programs, the company has decided to provide a full overview of their active staff members on the official website that represents the facility. This ensures parents can understand that their teens will be cared for by highly professional and experienced staff members who have worked with troubled teens and patients with substance abuse disorders in the past.

Aaron Huey – Co-Founder & President

Aaron Huey has almost two decades worth of experience in dealing with troubled teens who are experiencing the effects of substance abuse disorders. He has operated a number of programs in various areas of the world. Aaron is a fully trained EMT, as well as a Martial Arts teacher and a Wilderness Survival Instructor.

Shari Simmons (LCSW) – Executive Director

Shari Simmons is a graduate from the University of Denver and holds a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Shari has almost three decades of experience in dealing with substance abuse disorders among adolescents.

Dr. Mary Braud – Psychiatrist

Dr. Mary Braud is a graduate from the Louisiana State University Medical Center, as well as the Oregon Health Sciences University. She completed her fellowship program in psychiatry, specializing in children and adolescents, at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Tina Boyer (LSW) – Therapist

Tina Boyer is a graduate from the Colorado State University and has a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is also Certified in Mediation and Advanced Clinical Behavioral Health. Tina also underwent training at the Family Leadership Training Institute. She has also obtained sexual assault training, as well as suicide training.

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