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SummitStone Health Partners Overview

SummitStone Health Partners is a networked group of facilities where patients can come when they are in need of recovery services, as well as to help them overcome common mental health disorders that the population is suffering from, with depression being a large focal point on the mental and behavioral services list of the network. The facilities are equipped with services and amenities that make it more ideal for patients to obtain an “all-in-one” solution to their mental health problems, as well as their addictions. Patients can utilize the services at SummitStone Health Partners to obtain therapeutic services, medication management, and more.

SummitStone Health Partners Housing

SummitStone Health Partners does not offer any type of residential services or housing to patients in need, but rather only specializes in providing the patients who come to them with effective outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment programs. This means that every patient will be undergoing treatment at the facility, but would have to ensure they have an appropriate place to stay and call home, where they need to continue striving toward sobriety, even without 24/7 supervision.

SummitStone Health Partners Treatment Options

There is quite an extensive list of services provided shared on the official SummitStone Health Partners website. Patients are able to gain access to a large variety of treatment programs when they suffer from an addiction, or when a mental health problem is leading to a difficult time in life. The various treatment options, along with extra offerings that are provided to each patient who is in need at this company’s facilities include:

  • Same day access to therapies, counseling, and other treatment services
  • Full patient assessment
  • Assistance with substance abuse disorder
  • Programs that target specific mental health issues
  • Vocational support
  • Assistance with medication management

Patients are welcomed at the center at any time, as they operate 24/7. The company also has a crisis hotline that can be utilized, as well as an on-site pharmacy.

SummitStone Health Partners Therapies Provided

The therapeutic solutions that come as part of the treatment programs offered by SummitStone Health Problems ensure patients can go through the appropriate psychiatry and counseling sessions that they need to recover successfully and heal from the damage that they have already experienced. Therapeutic services include both individual sessions with a psychiatrist, as well as group therapy sessions.

SummitStone Health Partners Payment Options

SummitStone Health Partners seems to prefer patients who are insured through an active health care policy, as they provide a comprehensive list of accepted insurance companies on their website. It should be noted that, at the moment, the facility does not accept patients who are insured through Medicare. Insurance providers currently accepted at the facility include:

  • Medicaid
  • Kaiser
  • Progressive Health Options
  • Bright Health
  • CHP+
  • UCHealth

Additionally, self-pay options are also available for patients who are not insured under a medical care policy. In such cases, the patient would have to settle their own bill. Arrangements for repayment options can be made by contacting the financial department directly.

SummitStone Health Partners Accreditations

No specific information regarding licenses and accreditations awarded to SummitStone Health Partners can be found on their official website. Some patients might want to know if the facility is licensed with the appropriate authorities before they decide to opt for treatment at the facility. Such information can be obtained by getting in touch with the appropriate department at SummitStone Health Partners.

SummitStone Health Partners Amenities

Multiple amenities are offered to the patients who are being treated in an outpatient setting at SummitStone Health Partners, even though no residential program exist at the network. One of the most impressive amenities for most patients is the Choices Café, which is located across the main branch of the company, and provide a safe space for patients in recovery to connect and socialize with other patients, as well as to hang out.

SummitStone Health Partners Center Staff

While SummitStone Health Partners does not provide an overview of the medical team members that are employed at each facility to offer services like counseling and psychiatry, the company does share a large list of their management team and their board of directors on the official website that represents them. In addition to sharing the names and titles of these team members, the company also provide an overview of each individual’s skills, experience, qualifications, and more.

Michael Allen – Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and he has been certified as a Colorado Certified Addiction Counselor Level III. Michael holds over two decades of experience in various settings related to behavioral health services.

Gerry Brew – Chief Financial Officer

Gerry holds a number of affiliations, as well as rewards, for his expertise, and he has been involved with addiction and behavioral health facilities for several years. Gerry has a bachelor’s degree, an MBA, and an Executive EMA.

Cyndi Dodds – Chief Clinical Officer

Cyndi has a Master of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She has previously served on the Social Work Advisory Board at the Colorado State University School, as well as the Colorado Behavior Healthcare Council Health Care Operations Committee. Cyndi has more than 20 years’ experience in the behavioral health sector.

Tegan Camden – Director of Child & Family Services

Tegan is a Licensed Clinical Therapist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, as well as a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Tegan has more than ten years of experience in her field and has often worked with nonprofit foundations and organizations in the past.

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