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Sunrise Detox Overview

Sunrise Detox is a treatment center that provides medical detoxification in a comfortable setting to patients who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Many addiction recovery centers don’t offer detox services, but a lot of drug or alcohol addicts have severe substance abuse problem that requires detoxification.
That’s why Sunrise Detox is so important; it helps patients jumpstart their recovery and prepares them for the program they signed up for. The facility is dedicated to providing a positive, motivational, and medically comfortable detox experience. All detox protocols were designed by the medical director and founder in such a way to allow clients to recover faster than they expect.

Sunrise Detox Housing

Sunrise Detox facility in Fort Lauderdale is brand new, and it has a modern, yet comfortable interior design for patients. At the same time, detox is performed in a state-of-the-art setting. Clients can either stay in a private room, or they can share it with another patient. Regardless of the number of beds, rooms also have bathrooms and hotel-grade linens. Large windows let the lovely Florida sun into the facility. Natural sunlight can be beneficial for a patient’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Clients gather in communal areas such as TV room and fireplace.

Sunrise Detox Treatment Options

As you can conclude by the name of this facility Sunrise Detox provides medical detox services only. Their patients can undergo alcohol or drug detox. A medically-supervised detox is a very first step toward independence from alcohol which is why the whole process occurs in a comfortable and safe environment with medical and peer support.
In Sunrise Detox patients who are undergoing either drug or alcohol detox can wear their clothes, walk about freely, and smoke on the patio if they have to. They also have the liberty to spend time with others or go to their room whenever they feel like it. When it comes to drugs, detox is provided to clients with addiction problems involving heroin, opiate, methadone, suboxone, Xanax, and Ativan.
The whole detox process is monitored by nurses and other personnel 24 hours a day to make sure the patient is safe at all times. Plus, every room in the facility also has a call button for “just in case.” Pressing on that button alarms staff members who are in close proximity that their urgent assistance is needed. Bearing in mind the first 48 hours are most critical staff visits, and check-ins are more frequent. Later, patients get more freedom, and they also get to participate in therapies and other activities.
The length of stay depends on the substance and the amount used, the length of time you have been using that specific substance, and other factors.

Sunrise Detox Therapies Provided

In addition to detox from drugs and alcohol, this facility also provides therapies that make sure patients have a healthy start of their addiction recovery process. Evidence-based approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are used. Counselors and therapists may also opt for EMDR and motivational interviewing. Patients attend both individual and group therapy sessions.

Sunrise Detox Payment Options

Clients can pay for medical detoxification at Sunrise Detox with cash, check, and cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Besides self-pay options, the detox facility also works with a number of insurance companies which may cover the costs of the treatment. In order to find out more about costs or whether your detox could be covered by the insurance provider you just need to call Sunrise Detox. In case of treatment isn’t covered by the insurance provider and a patient doesn’t have enough money to pay, Sunrise Detox works closely with patients to allow them to still undergo the much-needed treatment, there are various solutions for cases like these.

Sunrise Detox Licenses

Sunrise Detox has various accreditations and partnerships that are a result of hard work and dedication. The medical detox center is accredited by Joint Commission which is, basically, the highest honor some facility can acquire. Besides golden Joint Commission certificate, Sunrise Detox also has valuable partnerships with the Florida Department of Children and Families, Employee Assistance Program Florida, A&E Intervention, and others.

Sunrise Detox Amenities

The main advantage of this center is that it allows patients to detox with dignity. Besides strong program and medical supervision patients also have their own freedom and get to start their recovery process in a healthy manner. Sunrise Detox continues to support a patient’s recovery, and they help them find the most suitable addiction recovery facility to continue their treatment, in case a patient hasn’t found one on their own.

Sunrise Detox Staff

Staff at Sunrise Detox is comprised of masters-level counselors and medical staff who use their expertise to help patients in need. Some team members are mentioned on their website, such as names listed below.

Cortney Warsh

Cortney Wash is a medical director at Sunrise Detox. She leads a clinical staff of the facility, nurtures staff development, and makes sure that state-of-the-art services are delivered to every patient.

James Karwoski

James Karwoski is the director of nursing at Sunrise Detox. He is a board certified in psychiatric and mental health nursing. James has 34 years of experience in this field, and he supervises the 24-hour onsite nursing and nursing support staff for the medical detox center, thus keeping guests safe while in treatment.

Priscilla Berardo

Priscilla Berardo is a counselor who joined Sunrise Detox in 2016. She favors modern evidence-based treatment methods including CBT, dialectical behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, and 12-step programs.

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