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Unity Behavioral Health
11900 SE Federal Hwy, #212
Hobe Sound, FL, 33455

Unity Behavioral Health is ideally located to provide the kinds of drug and alcohol abuse treatments that deviate as far away as possible from the institutional or clinical. Straddling both Palm Beach and Martin counties, two of the most famous sun-drenched south Florida destinations, Unity Behavioral Health promotes active living and Eco-therapies as treatments for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Islands in the Sun

The process of recovery at Unity Behavioral Health begins with the medically supervised detox offered on-site. The staff at Unity monitor your progress as your body withdraws from chemicals. Unity’s professional staff also administer a thorough psychiatric examination to discover any possible underlying mental health catalyst for your addiction.

With this vital information in hand, the staff at Unity Behavioral Health begin to formulate a treatment scheme that fits with your history, plays to your strengths as well as your weaknesses and takes into account any co-occurring disorders that need to be addressed. After detox, you can be shuttled to any of the two treatment facilities that Unity offers for its inpatient residential treatments.

Unity Behavioral Health takes inspiration from its gold coast surroundings by promoting healthy living, physical fitness as well as therapeutic reflection to its clients. Its two locations take different approaches to treatment.

At one facility, patients are given the option of participating in adventure therapy, which means they will be involved in challenging and strenuous outdoor activities like kayaking or paddleboarding. This approach takes into account the difficulty some people might have in expressing their emotions in a therapeutic setting.

Instead of pressing people to share their thoughts or experiences as addicts, Unity Behavioral Health allows people to overcome the stresses and shame of addiction by engaging them in fun activities, while not making patients aware that it is a part of therapy. A lot of what seems like mere recreation from the outside is, in fact, a vital part of treating addiction at Unity Behavioral Health.

Therapists and counselors accompany you on these adventures outings to gauge how well you are responding to different stimuli. They then start to build more specialized treatment plans that respond to what you find most interesting about your treatment.

Nature Taking its Course

The second treatment facility at Unity Behavioral Health is geared more toward nature lovers and seeks to re-establish a connection between you and the serenity of nature. A lot of what addiction, along with mental illness, does to a person is disconnect them not only from society but even from being outside.

The idyllic, beachfront setting that Unity Behavioral Health sits on is perfect for allowing patients to receive nature therapy. They can get outside and see what they’ve been missing.

Meaning they can rediscover the rejuvenation and tranquility one feels when surrounded by such breathtaking vistas as the ones Unity Behavioral Health has to offer.

Unity Behavioral Health not only excels in providing adventure and nature based therapies. It also strives to provide traditional substance abuse treatments, that in reality, are what make up the core of their treatment portfolio.

Group therapy sessions offer patients the chance to connect with their fellow patients and feel that they are not alone in the process of getting sober. There are also individual counseling sessions and psychiatric care available to those suffering from a dual diagnosis.

After the Sunset

Since recovery deals not only with abstinence from abusing chemicals, but also re-learning necessary life skills, Unity Behavioral Health re-introduces its patients to those once mundane activities as a way to prepare them for sober living.

Grocery shopping and preparing your meals are part of the life skills therapy that Unity Behavioral Health offers, alongside resume building classes and job interview skills training.

After you have gone through the residential program and life skills training, then it might be a good idea to move to Unity Behavioral Health’s transitional living residence. Here you will be allowed more freedom and have unsupervised excursions to important meetings and appointments. You can make use of the transportation services at Unity Behavioral Health to attend 12 Step meetings or go and visit family and friends.

On the surface, Unity Behavioral Health might seem like a five-star resort dressed up like a drug and alcohol rehab program. Deep down, however, Unity Behavioral Health is only putting forth its best attributes, namely its location in Palm Beach and Martin counties.

Any drug and alcohol abuse treatment program located so close to beaches and the ocean would be shortsighted not to include them in their treatment schemes.

Price for 30 days at Unity Behavioral Health: $15,900

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Unity Behavioral Health
11900 SE Federal Hwy, #212
Hobe Sound, FL 33455





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