Genesis House, Lake Worth, Florida

Genesis House Florida
4865 40th Way South
Lake Worth, FL, 33461

Genesis House Florida is rehabilitation facility founded back in 1992 in Palm Beach. The center offers its clients holistic and religion-based approach in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders.

The complex includes eight buildings on a luxurious property. Male and female residents live in gender-specific buildings, in private and semi-private rooms. Every apartment has TV, laundry room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Residents do not prepare their own meals. The center offers services of a professional chef.

Genesis House Florida: Treatments, Program, and Staff

Daily schedule in Genesis House Florida is not very strict. Clients attend educational groups, trauma groups, process groups, lectures, and creative groups. Every client has their own personal counselor who conducts individual therapy.

The treatment in the center is also based on 12-step philosophy. Therefore residents attend AA or NA meetings in the local community and all of the therapy sessions are based off of a 12-step program.

When the rehabilitation is almost completed, a client and their counselor create discharge plan.

Genesis House Florida provides service of medically supervised detox. The length of the detox period depends on the drug one uses. Highly professional personnel provides around the clock care to ease withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings.

Christian Track program combines spirituality and addiction treatment. Clients can attend pastoral counseling and chapel services on Sundays, as well as Bible studies.

Uniform Services program provides special care for professionals in uniforms. The emphasis is on the stressful situations these clients face on a regular basis and how it affects them. This group of clients can attend individual and group therapy, as well as educational lessons.

Genesis House Florida’s staff includes:

  • Therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionist
  • Massage therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Medical doctor

Genesis House Florida: Facilities and Extras

Recreational activities in Genesis House Florida include weekly exercise classes on weekends, yoga, massages, meditation, and outdoor gym. Residents can also enjoy swimming in the pool, and play basketball and volleyball.

Picnics on the beach are organized by the center’s staff and clients are also allowed to go to the movies.

Rules and Regulations in Genesis House Florida

Clients of the center are advised to bring their own clothes appropriate for Florida’s warm weather. Residents are also allowed to keep their own CD-players, books, and non-alcohol toiletries. Any device that can connect to the internet or has a camera is forbidden.


Genesis House Florida is religion-based, holistic addiction treatment facility located in Palm Beach. This luxurious center provides highly individualized treatment for both men and women. The emphasis is on the individualized approach and the healing of body and mind. Services that the center provides for its clients include detox, Christian Track program, Uniform Services, yoga, and exercise classes.

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Genesis House
4865 40th Way South
Lake Worth, FL 33461


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