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Justin’s Place Overview

Justin’s Place rehabilitation center operates as a part of the campus of the St. Matthew’s House, a rehabilitation center that helps female and male patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Although Justin’s Place accepts both male and female patients, they are accommodated in different locations during the treatment. The Justin’s Place rehabilitation center offers only inpatient treatment program in the duration of 13 months. Patients can apply for a special program called – Recovery for life, which lasts another whole year, during which the patients are free to live on the grounds of the facility to help them continue their recovery in a safe and supportive environment. The inpatient treatment program includes group therapy sessions only, in addition to the regular AA/NA meetings and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). The facility does not offer dual diagnosis nor detoxification. Patients with the needs of such services are to be referred to the nearest facility.

Justin’s Place Housing

Justin’s Place has two separate treatment buildings where patients are accommodated according to their phase of treatment. Male patients, during Phase 1 and Phase 3, are accommodated in the Wolfe Apartments in Naples, Florida, whereas the male patients who are attending Phase 2 of their treatment are accommodated in a facility in Port LaBelle Inn in Labelle, Florida. The female patients, during all phases of treatment, are accommodated on the campus of St. Matthew’s House. The Wolfe Apartments can accommodate 16 patients at a time, who are sharing twin beds, and bathrooms as a part of each bedroom. The Port LaBelle is an actual hotel that can accommodate 50 patients, with two or three roommates at a time. The campus at the St. Matthew’s House accommodates female patients, sharing bedrooms with four roommates at a time. All meals are prepared on-site by the kitchen staff at the St. Matthew’s House, which is later delivered to the patients accordingly in all homes.

Justin’s Place Treatment Options

Justin’s Place rehabilitation center offers the sole option for an inpatient treatment program:
Inpatient treatment program – The inpatient treatment program requires patients to spend 13 months, living on the grounds of Justin’s Place rehabilitation center in order to participate in the treatment program. The program is divided into 3 phases during which the patients are accommodated in two different locations. All of the three phases include group therapy sessions, AA/NA meetings, Bible studies, prayers, and educational lectures. As a part of the program, patients are required to volunteer around the campus and are later given a part-time job at the center’s thrift shop.

Justin’s Place Therapies Provided

The following therapy methods are provided by the staff at Justin’s Place rehabilitation center:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Relapse prevention therapy

Justin’s Place Payment Options

Justin’s Place is known to offer high-quality care, support, and treatment at a low-cost. The prices are especially low for residents of Naples, Florida. As stated on the official website of the St. Matthew’s House, Justin’s Place rehabilitation center offers a variety of payment plans for its patients. In addition to the affordable self-pay plans, most state and private insurance plans are accepted as well, although the website does not provide us with accurate information on which insurance plans exactly are accepted. If you would like, you can always contact the professional team at Justin’s Place rehabilitation center via phone and find the answers that you seek on the topic of payment options and insurance acceptance at the facility.

Justin’s Place Licenses

Unfortunately, no information about the accreditations and licenses that the staff at Justin’s Place rehabilitation center, and the facility itself, enjoy are to be found on the official website of the St. Matthew’s House. We advise our readers to contact the staff at the facility, using the phone number provided in today’s review, in order to find out more about this topic.

Justin’s Place Amenities

Despite the fact that family therapy sessions are not a regular part of the inpatient treatment program at Justin’s Place rehabilitation center, the facility focuses on organizing yearly family retreats. These family retreats take place once a year with a duration of three days. During these days, the family members are free to hang out with their loved ones at the facility, attend prayers and Bible studies with them, in addition to the educational classes that are organized by the staff during which they are educated about the recovery path, potential relapse triggers and how to avoid them, and the importance of family in the process of recovery.
The St. Matthew’s House owns a couple of thrift stores, a car wash, a café, and a catering center, all of which offer an employment opportunity for the patients who have successfully completed their treatment at the facility. The thrift store offers clothes at a low-cost to any of the patients. These are all locations where the patients are encouraged to take part and volunteer during their treatment at Justin’s Place rehabilitation center.
An on-site, fully equipped gym is also available as it is a part of the treatment for the patients to spend their mornings working out regularly. Regular drug and alcohol testing are in order. No relapse is tolerated.

Justin’s Place Staff

The Justin’s Place rehabilitation center employs Master-level counselors who are all certified professional alcohol and drug counselors, in addition to a few interns. Psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and registered nurses are not a part of the team at Justin’s Place since no dual diagnosis or detox is available on-site.

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