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Ocala National Forest
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The Centers Overview

The Centers is a company that provides patients with different types of services that have been tailored to meet the needs of children, teenagers, and adults. The services are categorized according to the type of patient. Addiction treatment programs at the facility focus on introducing the patient to a range of therapeutic solutions in order to help them recover, and is only available to adolescent and teenage patients. The mental health programs at the facility, however, extends toward children who might be experiencing signs of anxiety, depression, and high-stress levels. Strict payment rules are in place at the facility, but it is possible to undergo treatment through the financial assistance of an active insurance policy.

The Centers Housing

The Centers operates a few different campuses where inpatient services are offered to patients who qualify for such a treatment program. The specific campus where the patient will be housed depends on a few factors, such as their condition and their location, as well as their age. The Airport Road Campus can treat up to 50 patients at a time. The Lecanto Campus only provides treatment services to adolescents and can provide accommodation for up to 15 patients at a time.

The Centers Treatment Options

The Centers offer quite an extensive list of services to people of all ages. The company focuses largely on mental health disorders that patients may be suffering from, but also has the resources and staff members to address addictions among the people who are admitted to a treatment program at one of their campuses.
The treatment solutions that a patient will undergo when they come to The Centers solely depends on their unique situation. Patients are thoroughly analyzed before they are provided any form of treatment in order to ensure the intake counselors can develop a treatment program that is specific to the patient.
Some forms of treatment that may be offered to the patient include:

  • Crisis Stabilization
  • Psychiatric hospitalization services
  • Outpatient treatment for mental health disorders
  • Detoxification for substance abuse disorders
  • Outpatient treatment for addictions
  • Residential treatment for addictions
  • Medication management

The Centers Therapies Provided

Patients who are part of an inpatient or outpatient program for mental health disorders or addictions will need to attend several individual therapy sessions with a licensed counselor each week. There are also group therapy sessions that patients need to attend during their time in recovery treatment.

The Centers Payment Options

Some insurance providers are accepted at The Centers, including Florida Medicaid and Medicare. Some commercial and private insurance policies may also be accepted. The company advises patients to provide them with their insurance card, which can be used to verify whether the insurance program covers the specific types of services that the patient needs at the time of admission. Patients who are not insured and those patients with co-payments will most often need to provide full payment for the services that will be rendered to them at the time of admission.
Financial assistance is only available to patients who qualify. There are specific criteria that are in place to help the company determine who qualifies for their sliding-scale fee structure system. Patients will need to report on their family size, as well as their income and expenses, which will ultimately be used to allow the center to understand if the patient should qualify for financial assistance in order to help them gain access to treatment services offered at The Centers.

The Centers Accreditations

After The Centers has been extensively reviewed by appropriate surveyors and their services have been monitored, the facility has been awarded an accreditation by an international organization known as CARF. This accreditation is only awarded to facilities that have proven the quality of their services to the organization’s officially appointed surveyors. Thus, patients are provided peace of mind through this particular accreditation held by the facility. We were not able to obtain information in regards to whether the facility holds any licensed with the local authorities in the states where the company operates and provide their services.

The Centers Amenities

A couple of amenities are made available to patients in a residential treatment program. The patients will have access to certain types of experiential therapies. These may include both music therapy and art therapy. Participation is not required, but rather optional. Extracurricular activities may also be provided to patients at specific times. Educational programs can also be accessed by patients to help them better understand the conditions that they might be going through, such as mental health disorders and addictions.

The Centers Staff

The Centers provide a specific page on their website where they share limited information about some of the staff members that are part of the company and provide their services to the patients who come to the facility in order to undergo their treatment services. The only details about staff members involved at the company shared on this page is the name, title, and photo of each staff member.
No extensive data about experience or qualifications are provided, which may be unpleasant to a number of patients who would like to ensure they will be provided access to professionals that can provide them with quality care services. Patients should contact The Centers directly for further details on the qualifications of their staff members.

  • Donald Baracskay (MD) – Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director
  • Ralph Fera-Mcllwain – Chief Financial Officer
  • Steve L. Blank (MHS, ICCDPD) – Vice President of Outpatient Services
  • J.D. McFarland – Director of Information Technology

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