Fresh Start Ministry, Orlando, Florida

Eola Park, Orlando, Florida, USA
4436 Edgewater Dr
Orlando, FL, 32804

Overview of Fresh Start Ministry

Located in Orlando, Fresh Start Ministry is one of the best substance abuse treatment facility in that area. Fresh Start Ministry founded since 1986 is one of the most reputable landmarks in Orlando Florida. Fresh Start Ministry specializes in treating patients with various kinds of substance abuse ranging from alcohol to drugs like cocaine, heroin etc.
They also specialize in people with emotional or mental illness: depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder etc. This facility has saved countless of life’s in its area and has united families that were affected by the addiction problem. This facility does not offer any form of outpatient treatment option or Medically Assisted Detox.

Accommodation and Food at Fresh Start Ministry

Fresh Start Ministries is a large apartment complex featuring eight twin beds per room. Each patient gets a small dresser to store personal belongings and clothes and the bathrooms are shared by the roommates.
Fresh Start Ministries has a chef on staff who provides the patients with a nice hot dinner, although morning meal is usually continental and lunch is basically leftovers or sandwich, most patients prefer to buy their own lunch.

Treatment Options at Fresh Start Ministries

Fresh Start Ministries evaluates their patients physically and mentally to determine the level of treatment their patients need. In a case whereby the patient wants a treatment option different from what the patient actually needs, there is a team of counselors on staff to advice and explain why the patient needs the treatment need the treatment option referred to him/her.
The various Treatment option available in Fresh Start Ministries include :

  • Inpatient Treatment: Fresh Start Ministries offers this treatment option for those patients that want accommodation and feeding attached to the recovery program. This treatment option helps the patient focus solely on recovery. Fresh Start Ministries offers different levels of inpatient treatment program, some patients go on short-term ranging from a few days to 2 weeks. While some can go on a long-term basis that can go from a few weeks to months.
  • Sober Living homes: This are supervised safe, substance-free houses which is ideal for patients that just ended their inpatient or outpatient program.
  • 12 step Treatment Options
  • Aftercare Support

Therapy Choices at the Fresh Start Ministry

Fresh Start Ministries provide various kinds of therapy choices to suit their patient’s individual needs. These therapy choices have been proven to be effective in their patient’s recovery process. The therapy choices may include:

  • Individual Therapy: in this option, the patient meets with a certified therapist to root out the cause of the addiction and the several challenges faced by their patient in his/her everyday life.
  • Family Therapy: 12 keys encourage the family members of their patient to get involved In the recovery process which will give their patient a sense of support from loved ones. This, in turn, will help the family create a stronger bond and healing from the addiction.
  • Group Therapy: in this option, a team of trained counselors put the patients in small group therapy sessions with other patients that have similar addiction problems where they share how their addiction started and what prompted them to get help.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This is a therapy option that has been proven effective to patients going through the recovery process of different kinds of addiction. This therapy choice focuses on how the patients thought behaviors and feeling relate, thereby used in establishing healthy responses to thoughts and feeling.
  • Couple Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Life Skills

Payment Options and Insurances

This facility is a top-notch trauma care and rehabilitation center which is accessible and affordable by almost everyone. All fees paid are specifically used to pay staffs, provide foods, support programs, services and maintenance of the facility.
Fresh Start Ministry charges as much as $1000 for a span of 30 days and $700 for additional time spent there. The payments option at this facility includes:
Self-pay option


Fresh Start Ministry is licenced by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( SAMHSA )

Fresh Start Ministries Advantages

Fresh Start Ministries founded in 1986 is a Christian-based facility that not only helps the patient to recover but leads them on the part of restoration through Jesus Christ. The aim and goal of the staffs at Fresh Start Ministries is to help redirect their patients life mentally, physically and spiritually.
The management of Fresh Start Ministries encourage their patients to procure and maintain employment while going through the recovery process, this means that the sessions are mostly in the evening to accommodate their patients schedules.

Staff at Fresh Start Ministries

The staffs at Fresh Start Ministries includes nurses, CADCs, Case Managers, Psychiatrists, therapists, and pharmacists. The staffs at this facility have years of experience providing treatment and they are a qualified team of professionals who handle addiction issues generally. They commit to their work and ensure that anyone who comes to Fresh Start Ministries actually recovers.
Psychotherapy is administered and handled by certified and licensed Masters-level psychologists and counselors who work in a group and individual sessions.
The staffs at Fresh Start Ministries include:

  • Joe Cordovarno – Co-founder and Executive Director
  • Kelly Cordovarno – Co-founder and Executive Director
  • Tim Carlsward – Program Director
  • Cathy Smith – Executive Assistant
  • Mike Moody – Counselor
  • Leslie Hunter – Counselor
  • Arnie Pugh – Counselor / Intake Specialist
  • Enrique Aponte – Counselor
  • David Black – Counselor
  • Wayne Lathrop – Counselor

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