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According to a survey carried out by Pew Research Center in October 2017, almost half of all Americans (46%) have a family member or a close friend who has been addicted to drugs. Addiction has been a taboo topic for many years, but times are changing. People don’t take illicit substances just because they feel like it, and there’s always a reason behind their addiction and rehab facilities help effectively combat those demons. One of these rehabilitation centers is Arete Recovery, and you can learn more about it below.

Arete Recovery Overview

Located in sunny Pembroke Pines, Arete Recovery is a treatment center which provides a fully-supervised medical detox service in order to help patients eliminate addictive substances from their body. The treatment center was founded in 2016, and although relatively young the success rates are high. Men and women with an addiction problem, as well as their families, praise Arete Recovery and their staff for the effective programs that help patients get their life back on the right track. What makes Arete Recovery unique is its detox program, and the primary reason why the treatment center went down this alley is the fact that detoxifying the body from addictive substances is the first step a person should take in the recovery process. A body detox can be compared to a foundation upon which a building is built.

A team of hard-working and knowledgeable staff creates a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that makes patients feel safe and motivated to work on overcoming their addiction. The rehab treats patients with different types of addictions including drug, alcohol, dual diagnosis (an addiction problem and mental health problem), provides 12-step programs, and other treatment options that will be discussed below.

Housing at Arete Recovery

Arete Recovery is a full-service facility for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. The facility is located in Pembroke Pines, a city in southern Broward County in Florida. Like other locations in the Sunshine State, Pembroke Pines has a warm climate with sunny days throughout the year. Warm temperatures and beautiful scenery make Pembroke Pines a lovely place to start a new chapter of life. Patients get to mentally relax, get motivated to abandon their addictive behavior and feel stronger to overcome their problems. The specific location of the treatment center was specifically chosen to establish a calm and secure environment while. The official website of the treatment center is informative regarding the importance and benefits of their treatments, but it doesn’t provide information about the rooms, foods, and other important things that patients (or their family members) want to know before they go there.

Treatment Options at Arete Recovery

Treatment options provided by Arete Recovery include:


The most important step toward a successful recovery is detoxification performed by doctors and nurses who monitor a patient closely. The primary objective of medical detox is to help eliminate toxins and drug or alcohol abuse residue from the body. According to Arete Recovery, this step is a necessary stepping stone or a basis for other treatment options. Only first five to seven days out of whole 30 to 90 days of rehab are reserved for medical detox. The treatment center provides high-quality care with 24-hour supervision.

Residential Treatment

Residential rehabilitation can be short-range lasting up to 30 days or long-range lasting between 30 and 90 days. During the course of rehabilitation, a patient resides at Arete Recovery’s facility. Bearing in mind that detox on its own is not enough, residential treatment is important for people with alcohol and drug addiction. Once they’ve set the stage with detox, other treatment options are performed in order to help patients recover successfully. The residential rehab at Arete Recovery involves clinically-proven methods and modalities such as:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – effective for treatment of substance abuse and various mental health conditions
  • Motivational interviewing – patients are taught to make positive behavioral changes through a therapist’s influence
  • Dialectical behavior therapy – helps people who have personality disorders and treats negative patterns of behavior that include suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and substance abuse

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are designed to help patients overcome addiction, but they don’t require an overnight stay in the treatment facility. At Arete Recovery, outpatient programs are adaptable to one’s needs and are suitable for patients who have substance abuse disorder in the early stages, with the mild or less severe condition. Outpatient treatment programs are also ideal for persons who can stay on a schedule and remain committed to sobriety while in recovery and for men and women who don’t need a detox. The type, length, and intensity of therapies vary from patient to another and sessions are held in a therapeutic setting.

12-step Programs

Millions of people around the globe credit their sobriety to 12-step programs which guide them through the darkest hours to healthy living. For consistent spiritual growth, patients attend group or private therapy sessions, get a sponsor and make one step at a time for a healthy and happy life.


Arete Recovery helps patients who are addicted to:

  • Drugs (opioids, stimulants, sedatives, barbiturates, benzodiazepines)
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana

The treatment center also treats patients who are dealing with addiction and some form of a mental health disorder such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, OCD.

Payment Options at Arete Recovery

Arete Recovery accepts credit cards thus making payment of treatment more practical for patients. The treatment is covered by the insurance. At this point, the official website doesn’t provide information about the pricing of specific treatments, so the best thing to do is to contact them personally.


The treatment center is licensed to treat addiction, and it has necessary qualifications such as:

  • Certificate: the Joint Commission/Behavioral Health Care

Amenities at Arete Recovery

What makes Arete Recovery different from other treatment centers is that they provide a variety of services and treatment options. On the other hand, most rehab facilities focus on one type of treatment only. Arete Recovery offers both inpatient and outpatient treatments, 12-step programs, dual diagnosis, and other approaches that are customized for each patient.


Arete Recovery gathers a team of licensed professionals, doctors, nurses, and therapists who work together to make a patient’s stay at the facility prolific. The website doesn’t provide details about staff nor their bios.
Arête Recovery seems like a reliable treatment facility for patients with an addiction problem. More information on the website is needed for better understanding of their services and amenities.

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