Palm House Recovery Center, Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia, USA downtown
610 Oglethorpe Ave
Athens, GA, 30606

Palm House Recovery Center Overview

Palm House Recovery Centers offers transitional housing programs that give patients access to safe living environments that promote sobriety amongst addicts that are struggling to overcome substance abuse problems that involve alcohol and drugs. When patients come to the facility, they will be provided access to a range of treatment services, all at an affordable cost. Patients are held responsible for their own basic duties like preparing food. The company has been providing transitional living services to the residents of Athens in Georgia since 2005.
All of the programs that are available at Palm House Recovery Center are focused on long-term recovery, which means patients who become part of their sober living programs will reside here for several months before they move on to their own accommodation and housing arrangements.

Palm House Recovery Center Housing

Patients who are in need of treatment at the Palm House Recovery Center will become part of their housing projects, where the patient is provided access to apartment-style buildings that promote sobriety and will help to prevent the patient being exposed to triggers that may cause them to relapse toward a life filled with drugs and alcohol.
Patients will initially live in a smaller dorm-style housing system when they are only starting out with their journey toward recovery, but will later on move on to the next phase of the transitional housing project offered at Palm House Recovery Center, where they will start to experience a more independent lifestyle, along with attending a range of treatment programs to further assist in their long-term recovery.
The dorm-style building is able to provide accommodation for up to 175 patients at a time, while the apartments can provide housing benefits for up to 180 patients who are part of the transitional living program at the Palm House Recovery Center.

Palm House Recovery Center Treatment Options

Palm House Recovery Center primarily focuses on transitional living, along with an outpatient setting that helps the patient gain access to housing facilities that promote sobriety, while also delivering effective treatment services to assist the patient in their recovery. Treatment options that are provided to patients at the Palm House Recovery Center include:

  • 12-step recovery meetings
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Criminal justice programs
  • SKILLS program

Palm House Recovery Center Therapies Provided

Patients will primarily rely on group settings that utilize the 12-step recovery principles to assist in their recovery, but individual therapy sessions may also be made available to patients undergoing treatment at the Palm House Recovery Center.

Palm House Recovery Center Payment Options

Patients need to pay a monthly rental fee in order to reside at the transitional housing facilities owned by the Palm House Recovery Center. To move into one of the facilities, the patient will need to pay the company a fee of $860. A $500 deposit is also required. After the first two weeks, the patient will be billed a total of $720 per 30 days that they reside in one of the facilities that the company owns. This fee does not include only rent, but also treatment in an outpatient setting. Patients who are pet owners may apply to bring their pets with them, but this will cost them an additional $250 per month.

Palm House Recovery Center Accreditations

There are no details in terms of the accreditations that associations have awarded Palm House Recovery Center in the past, and the company also does not disclose any details of particular licenses that have been provided to them by local state departments. Patients who are concerned about the credentials of the facility should contact them directly to find out if their services have been licensed and whether or not the facility holds any accreditations from national or international bodies, such as the Joint Commission or the CARF organization.

Palm House Recovery Center Amenities

Full housing benefits are provided to patients who have undergone the initial phase of the transitional living recovery program that is offered to them at the Palm House Recovery Center. Up to six patients may reside in a single apartment at a time. Patients are provided access to bathrooms but will need to keep these facilities clean themselves. All patients are provided access to food, but they will need to prepare their own meals throughout the day. Laundry facilities are also available, along with dedicated smoking areas on the outside of the buildings.

Palm House Recovery Center Staff

Even though Palm House Recovery Center does seem to provide patients with access to high-quality services, we were unable to determine if the staff members at the facility are appropriately qualified and skilled to offer patients the psychiatric and other services that they would need to ensure they are able to recovery while they are residing in the transitional housing programs that are offered by this company.
Many patients may want to know more about the staff members who are involved at the facility in order to ensure they will be treated by qualified and appropriate staff. Patients who would like to know more about the treatment and clinical teams at the Palm House Recovery Center should contact the company directly and request additional information. Patients may also be able to gain more insight into the experience and qualifications of the treatment team when they request more details while they are attending a consultation with the intake counselor at the facility that is closest to them.

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