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New Beginnings Ministry Overview

Women who desire a new way in life, find a home at the New Beginnings Ministry Rehabilitation center which runs on the Christian values. Its director Sharon Thompson founded the center. Ms. Thompson, once an addict herself, had the desire to help struggling women free themselves from addiction and live, after that, a drug-free life without relapse. In line with this vision, the center offers a one-year minimum commitment program for women struggling with destructive behaviors including substance abuse, sexual addiction, low-esteem, and self-loathing. It does this in a serene environment that facilitates the recovery and enables the women to learn about Christ and plan for their future. In addition, it provides life skills classes where residents are trained in cooking, cleaning, and financial management, with a focus on managing a budget. They also have motivational and bible classes that help trigger self-identification and give purpose to life.

New Beginnings Ministry Housing

New Beginnings is a 10-transitional homes facility, with two dormitories accommodating 85 patients and staff. There is a special house for women with children, but other women are housed in a way that three or four women share the dorm-style rooms. The rooms include one or two bunk beds or sometimes twin beds, dressers, nightstands, and a lamp. There is also the fully furnished spacious family rooms equipped with couches and large television sets.

New Beginnings Ministry Treatment Options

The treatment option is individual-centered, but it is integrated into a 12-month program which includes making peace with themselves, learning the power of addition, understanding the withdrawals symptoms, studying co-dependency, parenting, and many others. The women also go through a family Recovery Group class where a reconciliation process between the woman and their loved ones is initiated. This family relationship is vital in the recovery process.

New Beginnings Ministry Therapies Provided

At New Beginnings Ministry, most work is based on biblical teachings of Christ. The women go through a once-a-week program dubbed “sociogram,” which gives them an opportunity to learn to be accountable and openly speak accountability to each other. Under the program, every woman is independently observed and performance recorded. There is also anger management therapy as well as relapse prevention therapy.

New Beginnings Ministry Payment Options

New Beginnings Ministry is in no network with any insurance provider, and, thus, don’t accept insurance. The fee can be paid by debit or credit card, or direct deposits to the organization’s bank account.

New Beginnings Ministry Accreditations

The New Beginnings Ministry offers a Licensed Drug Abuse Treatment Education Program consistent with American Society Addiction ASAM Level 3.1 level. It is also accredited by Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry (THOR) as a women’s rehab. In Mr. Ms. Thompson’s ministerial work in jails, she learned that convicted addicts had a hard time to recover and reintegrate to the society once they had served their sentence. The accreditations enable her to help former convicts as they transition to integrate back into the society.

New Beginnings Ministry Amenities

The institution has a chapel and dormitory-style buildings. There’s a special building called SMILE dorm (dorm 3) for women with children. All the dorms are staffed 24/7, and are equipped with two bunk beds or sometimes twin beds, dressers, and a lamp. In addition, there are family living rooms furnished with couches and large TV sets. The cafeteria provides 3 meals per day, and it is in the same place that the facility’s cooking life skills take place.

New Beginnings Ministry Staff

Substance abuse victims require maximum attention. New Beginnings staff are available in the facility all around the clock. While the institution incorporates the women under the program in the cooking and some kitchen cleanup exercise as part the life skills training, it is adequately staffed in every department. One thing that stands out about the New Beginning staff is that a number of them were once patients of the facility. If not, they have previously struggled with a substance abuse problem. Therefore, the staff knows first-hand the kind of help a broken and downtrodden the women brought to the facility need. Some of the staff members include:

Sharon Thompson, CAC-II, CCS

Sharon struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction for almost two decades. She, however, overcame the problem, became sober and clean for over 30 years now with no signs of relapse. Other than founding the New Beginnings Ministry, both church and rehab, she is a certified clinical supervisor for the Georgia Addiction Counsellors Association. She studied Counseling psychology at Almeda University.

Melissa Van Hall, CAC-I
Admin Director

Melissa joined New Beginning as a patient. She had struggled with drug addiction since when she was 12. She underwent the program, became clean and joined as a member of staff and has been working at the facility, for now, five years. She became a Certified Addictions Counselor with the state of Georgia.

Lisa Gillespie, CCS

She has a degree in nursing from Brenau University and a specialty degree from Emory University. She previously worked as a nurse, but she now works at New Beginnings as an assistant director. She too had struggled with substance abuse. She suffered a nervous breakdown and resorted to drinking, had drugs and even developed a bit of stealing. She has been cleaned and remains sober with no signs of relapse.

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