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mokolii island Oahu Hawaii
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Habilitat Inc Overview

Habilitat Inc is a treatment facility that has grown significantly over the last few decades. The original center was initially founded in 1971. Over the years, the founder was able to expand the offerings at the addiction recovery center to accommodate many patients at a time and to provide these patients with effective recovery services that ensure they have a better chance at recovering from their addictions. The goal of Habilitat is to ‘build better people’ by ensuring every single patient who comes to the facility to heal is given every chance that they need to do so – in a safe environment that will never expose the patient to the substances that caused them to be admitted to the facility in the first place.
While the majority of facilities in the United States that focuses on addiction recovery specializes in providing patients access to the standard 12-step program, Habilitat has rather developed an alternative program that they offer patients access to. The facility believes that real and long-term recovery takes time, which is why the recovery programs that are offered at the facility takes quite a while before the patient graduates and moves on to getting back to their lives. In addition to the addiction recovery services, patients who are treated at Habilitat will also be given access to several vocational training services to help them get ready for life after treatment.

Habilitat Inc Housing

Habilitat owns property on a relatively large land, stretching out one and a half acres. The property can provide accommodation for up to 200 patients who are struggling with addictions at any given time, making this one of the largest facilities where hundreds of patients can be treated for their addictions simultaneously. Patients being treated at the facility will be required to share rooms with each other – multiple patients are housed in each room in order to ensure a larger number of patients can be treated at the same time in order to extend the service offerings of the company.
All of the patients who need to undergo treatment at Habilitat will remain at their facility and continue being treated and provided support for a period that lasts more than two years in total. Male and female patients are housed in different buildings in order to provide patients to a more comfortable, gender-based housing program.

Habilitat Inc Treatment Options

Patients who come to Habilitat for treatment will stay in residential care for 30 months in total. There are various services and treatment protocols that are included in a patient’s program while they are staying at the facility. The specific services that are made available to the patient usually depend on their condition, which will be determined during an initial consultation with a counselor at the facility. These options may include:

  • An initial treatment phase that generally lasts six months
  • Morning meetings
  • Daily seminars
  • Behavioral treatment services
  • Counseling services
  • Self-awareness sessions

Habilitat Inc Therapies Provided

Every patient being treated at Habilitat will undergo treatment services that include individual one-on-one sessions with a psychiatrist in order to address the underlying issues that are causing them their addictions. Group therapy sessions are also held at the facility frequently in order to further assist in addressing the addictions that patients are experiencing.

Habilitat Inc Payment Options

Patients being treated in the long-term residential program at Habilitat will need to pay a monthly fee if they wish to stay at the facility. The monthly fee is $2,000. There is also an intake fee that the patient needs to pay in order to be admitted to the facility. No details are provided in terms of undergoing treatment through an insurance policy.

Habilitat Inc Accreditations

Habilitat does not provide details of any licenses that the state of Hawaii has provided them for the addiction treatment services that they offer their patients. There are also no details available in terms of accreditations that associations or organizations in the United States, such as CARF, have awarded the facility. Patients will need to inquire about any credentials held by the facility during their initial consultation.

Habilitat Inc Amenities

A few amenities are provided to patients who are undergoing long-term treatment at Habilitat. Patients are given access to daily meals, which may include beef and rice, as well as pork. Several special dishes are often served during holiday seasons. All patients eat together in a large dining room, located within the main facility. Bunk beds are fitted in all of the rooms. It should be noted that physical visits from close family members are only allowed after the patient has undergone treatment for a period of six months.

Habilitat Inc Staff

While it is important for many patients to know about the staff that are involved in setting up treatment programs, offering services like psychiatry sessions, and providing patients with support at a facility at Habilitat, it should be noted that the company does not seem to offer patients access to details about any of the staff members that are involved in the treatment of patients at this facility. We did not find any details of the management or executive staff at Habilitat on their official website, or information related to the clinical team.
Any patient who requires such details before they decide to undergo treatment at this company should contact them in order to request more information about the qualifications and experience of their staff members.

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