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Mirror Inc. Overview

Mirror Inc. is a substance abuse treatment center founded in 1972 with the main idea that people can change meaning that being addicted to drug or alcohol isn’t a problem without a solution, you can overcome it with a well-structured treatment. This is a nonprofit, private corporation that provides behavioral healthcare prevention, wellness, and correctional re-entry services. The main mission is to make a difference in a community.

Mirror Inc. Housing

The facility for residential treatment has two separate buildings which are connected with a building occupied by cafeteria and administration. Men and women reside in different areas each holding up to 25 beds. Four patients share a room, but it’s important to mention that building which hosts women also supports children thus allowing mothers to recover in a safe environment and bond with their kids.

Mirror Inc. Treatment Options

This recovery center offers comprehensive treatment model to patients who decide to undergo drug or alcohol addiction treatment. The process starts with a thorough assessment and evaluation whose goal is to determine the degree of addiction and specific needs of each patient. After evaluation, the experienced team members suggest an adequate treatment.
Treatment options provided by Mirror Inc. include:

  • Intermediate residential care – 24-hour care designed to help patients achieve sobriety and a greater level of stability. Best suited for patients with severe addiction, people who can’t function in society on their own
  • Outpatient services – suitable for men and women who have functioning support in the community. It allows patients to live on their own, outside the treatment center, but to attend therapies provided by Mirror Inc.
  • Aftercare – provides counseling on an ongoing basis for patients who have already completed their treatment
  • Peer mentoring – staff members who are in long-term recovery; they use their own experience to provide much-needed support to patients
  • Reintegration – 24-hour residential living to help patients re-enter society through a structured program

Mirror Inc. Therapies Provided

Mirror Inc. treats alcohol and drug addiction in an inpatient and outpatient setting. Throughout their treatment patients participate in various therapies individually, in a group, or with families. Although it’s not quite clear what therapies they offer, it’s safe to assume they involve cognitive behavioral therapy and other similar activities that help men and women strengthen their emotional and mental health in order to successfully overcome their main problem – substance abuse.
Mirror Inc. also has support groups where patients can connect with other people who are in the same situation. Not only can you learn from them, but you also get to help someone by sharing your own experience and how you’re coping with it.

Mirror Inc. Payment Options

Similarly to other treatment centers, Mirror Inc. doesn’t reveal the actual costs of therapies and programs provided in their facilities. The recovery center has a mission to help patients overcome their drug or alcohol-related problem regardless of their financial status. That’s why they work closely with patients and their families who aren’t in a stable financial situation to help them pay for treatment services. In cases when someone can’t afford treatment they’ll do everything they can to help. It’s particularly useful that the State of Kansas has some funds that can be used to pay for the treatment, but you need to contact the recovery center to find out whether you’re eligible or not. Kancare, Kansas’ Medicaid program, can also cover the costs but it needs to be pre-approved.

Mirror Inc. Licenses

At this point, the official website of Mirror Inc. doesn’t reveal info about accreditations this treatment center has obtained so far. Bearing in mind the recovery facility is reliable and trusted among patients and due to the fact they offer a strong treatment program, it’s logical to presume they have some certifications under their belt. However, it would be practical to get access to that information as patients and their families want to get thorough information before deciding whether to start treatment at some facility.

Mirror Inc. Amenities

Instead of faceless and too formal approach toward treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, Mirror Inc. opts for a more personal method. The goal is to connect with patients on a deeper level, offer them love, support, and guidance. The treatment center is there to support prevention strategies in the community, help families, and to positively influence the whole community. Although some specific amenities were not mentioned it’s easy to conclude they offer a wide range of services, programs, and therapies all of which are focused on helping patients overcome their addiction problem and get on the path of a healthy life.

Mirror Inc. Staff

Mirror Inc. gathers a team of 18 staff members including LACs, LCACs, LMSWs, among others. The treatment center has a great team of experts although their names and biographies aren’t revealed on the official website. Besides Barth Hague, president and chief executive officer, and John Gilbert, executive vice president of human resources and compliance, other names that are featured on the website are listed below.

Marcy Johnson

Marcy Johnson joined the team and took the role of vice president of treatment services in July 2018. Her job role is to oversee Mirror Inc.’s addiction programs and services throughout Kansas including 11 outpatient programs and four residential centers. Ms. Johnson has experience in healthcare and behavioral health management.

Carlos Wriedt

Carlos Wriedt was appointed to the role of vice president of finance in April 2018. He has a strong background in both financial management and counseling. Before arrival to Mirror Inc, Wriedt has already worked in addiction treatment centers meaning he’s got what it takes to work in such an environment.

Dr. Donald Denney

Dr. Donald Denney took over the role of vice president of community integration in April 2018. His role is to oversee the treatment center’s residential re-entry programs, the Work and Success program in Topeka, and some other initiatives developed by Mirror Inc.

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