Elizabeth Layton Center, Ottawa, Kansas

Kansas Tallgrass Prairie
2537 Eisenhower Rd
Ottawa, KS, 66067

Overview of Elizabeth Layton Center

The Elizabeth Layton Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that provides its services to children, adolescents, adults, and families. The mission of the Elizabeth Layton Center is to provide hope and guidance to individuals and families struggling with addiction, behavioral health issues, and dual-diagnosis disorders by helping them improve their quality of life and recovery. The center serves the citizens of Franklin and Miami counties by providing them with timely, effective, and comprehensive services. The center upholds core values such as dignity, innovative quality service, client satisfaction, compassion, and excellence in service. The center offers outpatient treatment services to clients for a number of mental health disorders such as anger, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, and other behavioral health issues. Clients are offered a number of comprehensive and evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, and group therapy. Clients are taught to develop life skills, communication skills, crisis resolution, problem-solving, and stress management. The treatment programs offer low-intensity services which comprise a total of six hours of sessions per week. The typical duration of the outpatient program is eight weeks which can be shortened or extended based on individual cases.

Housing and Food at the Elizabeth Layton Center

The Elizabeth Layton Center is located in Ottawa, Kansas in a farmhouse-like setting in a quiet neighborhood. The building offers modern and stylish interiors to clients and families. The campus is located in a private and serene area where clients and families can come to take part in treatment and feel relaxed during the process. The campus only offers outpatient services, so there are no residential facilities available for clients. The building primarily comprises a number of meeting and therapy rooms where clients are offered individual and group counseling sessions. These rooms are comfortably furnished to provide a tranquil and soothing environment to clients so that they can easily focus towards healing and recovery. There are common rooms available for adolescents, adults, and families. The common rooms are furnished with comfortable sofas and equipped with TVs. Clients and families can relax and watch TV in the common rooms while waiting. The center has an in-house cafeteria where a team of kitchen staff prepares different snacks for clients and their families. A number of healthy and fresh food items are available including sandwiches, fast food, salads, and fruits. A number of beverages and drinks are also available at the cafeteria including assorted juices, sodas, tea, and coffee.

Treatment Options

The different treatment options available at the Elizabeth Layton Center are:

  • Adult’s Program
  • Therapy
  • Community Support Services
  • Substance Abuse
  • Medication Management
  • Crisis Emergency
  • Children/Families Program
  • Children and Family Therapy
  • Community Support Services
  • Medication Management
  • Crisis Emergency
  • Parenting
  • Mental Health Programs
  • Comprehensive Care for Health and Wellness

The following substances’ abuse is treated at Elizabeth Layton Center:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Illegal Drugs


The Elizabeth Layton Center offers the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Crisis Management

Payment Options at Elizabeth Layton Center

Elizabeth Layton Center offers outpatient treatment services to adolescents, adults, and families for substance abuse, mental health disorders, and dual-diagnosis disorders. The center offers comprehensive services at very reasonable and affordable rates. The approximate fee to be paid by a client is $980 for 30 days of outpatient treatment. The center also works with some insurance providers who may cover full or part of the costs of treatment. All financial information could be acquired from the admissions office staff which helps clients and families verify their insurance benefits and guides them in finding the most affordable option.

Licenses and Accreditations

Elizabeth Layton Center has the following accreditations and licenses:
Licensed by the State of Kansas

Elizabeth Layton Center Advantages

Elizabeth Layton Center offers comprehensive outpatient treatment services to children, adults, and families for behavioral health disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. The center offers separate programs for substance abuse, medication management, crisis/emergency, and community support services. These programs are further targeted specifically to two groups: adults and children and families. Clients suffering from a number of behavioral health disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, ADHD, and other mental health issues are offered low-intensity levels of care at the center. The center does not offer detoxification services but it can refer clients in need of detox to other detox facilities. Through the low-intensity levels of care at the center, clients are able to carry on with their day-to-day professional and personal activities while taking part in treatment. This helps them in achieving lasting recovery without having to pause their professional, social, or personal life.

Staff at Elizabeth Layton Center

The Leadership Team at Elizabeth Layton Center includes the following individuals:

  • Leslie Bjork, PsyD, LP – Executive Director
  • Gerald Gambrill, MD – Medical Director
  • Perry Chapman, MBA – Chief Financial Officer
  • Donna Johnson, LCP, LCAC – Director of Quality Assurance/Risk Management
  • Melissa Bustamante, LPC – Clinical Director
  • Amy Wacker, LPC – Director of Community Based Services
  • Megan Darling, PsyD, LP – Director of Community Support Services
  • Briana Madsen – Human Resources Director
  • Kiki Heck – Director of Operations – Franklin County
  • Loree Love – Director of Operations – Miami County
  • John Schlegel – IT Director

The Clinicians at the center include the following staff members:

  • Reg Ayres, LCP, LMLP, LCAC
  • Leeanna Billups, LPC
  • Dana Butler, LSCSW, LCAC
  • Lisa Cannady, LSCSW
  • Bruce Cappo, Ph.D., LP, LCAC
  • Barbara Cordts, LCP, LCAC
  • Diane Zadra Drake, MN, APRN, LCAC
  • Allison Jackson, LCP
  • Amy Lauterbach, LMLP, LAC
  • Telisa Purdy, LCP
  • Betsy Scott-Teigen, LSCSW
  • Ashley Subuh, LMFT
  • David Walter, LPC
  • Jade Brake, T-LMLP
  • Robin Burgess, LSCSW, LCAC
  • Tamara Canterbury, APRN, LCAC
  • Amanda Halling, LPC
  • Abbey Hope, LMLP
  • Josh Hypse, PsyD, LMLP
  • Delayne May, LCPC
  • Shani McCurry, LCP, LCAC
  • Holly Smith, LMFT
  • Emilie Swartz, LSCSW
  • Kimberley Wood, LPC, LCAC

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