Our Lady of Peace, Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
2020 Newburg Rd
Louisville, KY, 40205

Our Lady of Peace Overview

Our Lady of Peace is a large facility that was developed by the KentuckyOne Health Group and provides various treatment services that are tailored toward patients based on their age, gender, and their specific needs. The center is dedicated to providing affordable health care to patients in need of behavioral treatment services, and can also be utilized by individuals who need to undergo detoxification and inpatient addiction recovery programs. Our Lady of Peace accepts multiple insurance providers and welcomes the help of volunteers in order to continue providing effective and accessible care to those patients who desperately need to recover, heal and improve.

Housing at Our Lady of Peace

Our Lady of Peace provides a facility that caters toward all patients who are admitted to the inpatient or outpatient services provided by the company. Patients who need to be administered treatment services under a residential program will be provided with housing benefits, which gives them access to a bed, as well as meals throughout the day. No specific details on the number of beds offered at the inpatient care department are provided on the Our Lady of Peace website, but patients will be advised when beds are available, should they require treatment while being monitored.
The facility is also fitted with offices where group therapy and one-on-one sessions can be conducted, ensuring that patients can obtain the care they require.

Treatment Options at Our Lady of Peace

The treatment programs that are offered by Our Lady of Peace specializes in three different departments of healthcare:

  • Addiction recovery treatment
  • Addiction recovery with co-occurring mental diseases
  • Mental diseases with no existing addictions

One particular factor that should be noted is that the facility is divided into two major categories, with one of these departments offering treatment services specifically tailored for children and adolescents, and the other department providing programs that are suited for adults.
Before a patient can be submitted to the center, a full evaluation of the patient’s condition is needed. The patient will undergo an assessment, conducted by a professional counselor, to determine what type of programs they need to recover, whether from a mental disease or addiction disorder. Patients who come in with an addiction and a co-occurring mental health issue will be treated for both conditions simultaneously.

The main types of programs offered by Our Lady of Peace include:

  • Inpatient care services
  • Partial Hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient care

Payment Options at Our Lady of Peace

Even though Our Lady of Peace is registered under a not-for-profit organization, all treatments provided by the company come at a cost. Unfortunately, the company does not provide any specific pricing details or averages on their website, which could have been useful to patients. Pricing information allows a patient interested in utilizing a treatment program from the facility to understand whether they would be able to afford the center’s assistance.
Fortunately, Our Lady of Peace is covered by some health insurance policies, including a couple of federally-funded options like Medicare. Patients are advised to reach out to the admission staff to assess whether their insurance plan would cover the costs of care, whether they require an outpatient or a residential treatment program.
Insured patients, as well as those without access to a medical insurance plan, will need to pay for the services they require themselves. Financial assistance is available for some patients, but a qualification procedure first needs to be conducted. Furthermore, repayment plans that suit the budget and financial situation of the patient may be arranged by speaking with the financial counselor at Our Lady of Peace.


No license information is shared by the Our Lady of Peace website or the general KentuckyOne Health website. Some patients will be interested in understanding what licenses and accreditations the facility hold before being admitted to the center. Further details on licensing can be obtained by getting in touch with the administrative staff who have been employed at Our Lady of Peace.

Amenities at Our Lady of Peace

A full range of amenities is provided at the Our Lady of Peace Center, which ultimately helps the patient recover faster and more effectively, leading to long-term sobriety success. Amenities include pharmacist-operated clinics and health centers, along with partial hospitalization treatment centers. Patients are also provided access to licensed nurses, highly experienced and trained psychiatrists, and other medical staff that are available to help them gain the care they require to succeed in their recovery from drugs and alcohol, or from a mental disorder that is causing them difficulty in life.


The Our Lady of Peace center does not provide any information in regards to the physicians, psychiatrists, or any other medical staff that are part of the programs offered at their facility. This is unfortunate as patients would not be able to gain some insight into the staff who are monitoring each program, and who will be providing them with counseling, medication management, and other services should they decide to utilize the services of this particular organization.
The website that represents the network under which Our Lady of Peace falls, being KentuckyOne Health, does offer a search feature that can be used to find physicians in specific areas, but still does not relate to the particular professionals employed at this center.

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