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Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
1006 Highland Avenue
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Brentwood Hospital Overview

Brentwood Hospital is an institute that offers a large facility where patients in need of rehabilitation services can come to heal and recover. The facility has programs available for patients of all genders and ages. Specialty programs have been developed for women. Separate programs are also available for children, adults, and even senior members of the society. A particular focus is placed on the treatment of mental diseases like depression and anxiety. Additionally, an addiction program is also available that comes with a complete detoxification of the patient, as well as further treatment to help them adopt better lifestyle choices and prevent relapses in the future.
At the moment, Brentwood Hospital is the largest hospital of its kind within the state of Maryland. The institute was established over four decades. Treatments consist of inpatient and outpatient options, as well as partial hospitalization. The length of stay and whether residential treatment is needed would depend on the patient’s unique situation.

Housing at Brentwood Hospital

A large facility is available to accommodate as many as 200 patients at any given time. Brentwood Hospital’s facility has been divided into several groups. Each room has two beds. Sections are divided into groups based on the patient’s age and gender, as well as the specific phase of treatment the patient is currently at. Some treatment programs that have been developed by Brentwood Hospital also has dedicated regions within the facility where patients are cared for, medication is administered, and treatment protocols are administered to patients.
At the same time, the facility has been developed to promote socialization between patients. This is an important step in all of the programs offered at the facility.

Treatment Options at Brentwood Hospital

The Brentwood Hospital treatment center offers 14 different programs. Even though there are various predefined treatments, it should be noted that a counselor will interview each of the patients that need to be admitted to determine what approach would best help them in their recovery. The existing programs that are provided by Brentwood Hospital include:

  • Inpatient Adult Program
  • Adult Addictive Disease Program
  • Adult Military Program
  • Adult Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Geriatric Inpatient Treatment Program
  • Geriatric Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Inpatient Children’s Program
  • Inpatient Adolescent Program
  • Children’s Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Outpatient Physicians Clinic
  • Inpatient Women’s Program
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy

In some cases, a single treatment program would be advised for a patient. There are, however, cases where combination therapy with multiple programs may yield more effective results.

Payment options at Brentwood Hospital

The majority of American-based insurances will pay for a patient’s stay at the Brentwood Hospital. Patients can contact a financial counselor at the hospital to determine if their insurance policy is able to cover the cost or at least part of the cost for the treatment the patient requires. In cases where an insurance policy would not cover the costs, the patient can apply for special arrangements or obtain financing to pay for their treatment. A variety of payment methods are accepted by Brentwood Hospital, including Visa and MasterCards, and cheque payments.


Brentwood Hospital has received multiple accreditations from various institutes and associations in the past. This includes an accreditation from the Joint Commission. The facility has also been approved by TRICARE, Medicaid, and Medicare. This provides evidence that the facility is valid and authentic, and offers quality care services to their patients. Licensing verification is an important part of selecting the right facility for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with mental health disorders, as well as those who suffer from an addiction.

Amenities at Brentwood Hospital

All necessary amenities for the provision of both outpatient and inpatient programs are offered by the Brentwood Hospital. In addition to these service centers, patients can also utilize the physician clinic that is connected to the Brentwood Hospital for follow-ups with a physician and with their therapists after they have completed the treatment program they were admitted under during their treatment period within the facility. The inpatient facility is home to medical staff members that offer 24/7 supervision over all patients. Access to physicians is also available for patients who need such service. All patients are provided with multiple daily meals during their stay at Brentwood Hospital.
Brentwood Hospital is a large center that offers 14 different programs that were developed to address some of the most common concerns related to the mental wellbeing of patients. These programs target addictions, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions that are common in the local population. Affordable treatment options are provided by Brentwood Hospital, and some patients are able to get their full treatment plan paid by their medical insurance.


A comprehensive list of staff members is shared on Brentwood Hospital’s official website, allowing patients who are interested in undergoing one of the programs provided by the hospital an opportunity to get an overview of the staff members that will be caring for them during their stay.
Some noteworthy names shared on the official website of this institute include:

  • Daniel Feeney, MD – Medical Director
  • Ravon Dominique, RN – Chief Nursing Officer
  • Crystal Sellars, RN – Nurse Navigator and Patient Advocate
  • Physicians that care for patients include:
  • Kathryn Kenndy, MD
  • Guy E. Brannon, MD
  • Suresh Sabbenahalli, MD
  • Lauren Lusk, MD
  • Olufemi Oundeji, MD
  • Lee Stevens, MD
  • Katherine E. Smith, MD
  • Manish Saran, MD
  • Ruchika Yusufji, MD
  • Alexandra Drake, APRN

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