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Milestone Recovery Overview

Milestone Recovery, formerly known as the Milestone Foundation, is a treatment center that helps patients with substance abuse problems and homelessness. The recovery center was founded in 1967 and it has helped thousands of patients get on the road to successful recovery. The main mission of Milestone Recovery is to provide the best quality of services to their patients and to empower them to start a healthier way of life.

Milestone Recovery Housing

Residential treatment at Milestone Recovery is held in a facility that has 16 beds where men can stay from six to nine months. Patients share rooms with their roommates. The facility has two TV rooms where one is reserved for movies and other similar programs while the other one for video games. Men also have the opportunity to use the gym, play musical instruments, and other stuff. Transitional housing facility hosts 15 men and offers a more independent living arrangement.

Milestone Recovery Treatment Options

Milestone Recovery has a rich treatment program specifically created to address different needs of persons with substance abuse. These problems include:

  • Emergency shelter – believe it or not, Milestone Recovery is the only treatment center in Maine which provides specialized substance abuse disorder emergency shelter. The overnight shelter has 41 beds for men. The shelter has food, clean clothes, showers, and counseling
  • HOME team – HOME stands for Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement, and it includes outreach and community support to homeless persons with chronic and mental health problems, substance abuse
  • Housing navigator program – provides Milestone Recovery’s patients with the much-needed resources to transition out of homeless into permanent housing
  • Detoxification program – available to men and women with substance abuse. It is carried out in a safe and medically supervised environment. Duration of a detox program is between three and seven days
  • Extended care – involves residential treatment and transitional housing. Residential treatment is suitable for men only

Milestone Recovery Therapies Provided

Therapy is a crucial part of substance abuse treatment. In fact, the success of the treatment program depends on the therapies that are provided alongside it. At Milestone Recovery patients participate in individual and group therapy sessions regularly, throughout the duration of the treatment program and even beyond. Addiction counselors and therapists use methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing to help clients cope with their traumas, emotions, feelings, urges to take drugs and alcohol, and so much more.

Milestone Recovery Payment Options

The exact costs of treatments at Milestone Recovery aren’t displayed on the official website because they aren’t set by the “one size fits all” rule. People come to this facility due to different problems regarding substance abuse meaning they need a unique treatment approach so prices won’t be the same. The treatment center accepts different types of insurance coverage such as Aetna, Cigna, Medicaid, Medicare, United Health Care, and others. If you’re wondering how much it would cost for you (or your family member) to treat substance abuse problem at Milestone Recovery the best thing to do is to contact them directly.

Milestone Recovery Licenses

At this point, it is not clear whether Milestone Recovery has obtained some specific accreditations and certificates. However, if we bear in mind the treatment center was founded in 1967 it’s not that difficult to assume they do own important licenses which testify about their quality.

Milestone Recovery Amenities

The official website of Milestone Recovery doesn’t provide much info about the amenities that are involved in treatment programs at this facility. A useful thing to bear in mind is that Milestone Recovery operates the only specialized substance use disorder emergency center in Maine. Patients who are undergoing residential or outpatient treatment get a variety of services, amenities, therapies, and activities that allow them to recover and become healthier and happier.

Milestone Recovery Staff

Clients and patients who want to treat their substance abuse problem at Milestone Recovery can feel confident knowing their needs are taken care of by a team of experienced professionals. The treatment center employs dedicated staff members who understand that clients who treat addiction are in fragile condition and need kindness, support, and understanding while they’re on their way to successful recovery. Some team members whose names and biographies are displayed on the website include:

Bob Fowler

Bob Fowler is an executive director who joined the team in 2014. He has over 25 years of experience in behavioral health treatment and administration. Bob believes that Milestone Recovery has a vital role in the community because the treatment center provides compassionate and competent care to individuals who are struggling with addiction.

Anne Bartlett

Anne Bartlett is a director of nursing at Milestone Recovery. She has developed a deep sense of compassion for the Maine population which is why she’s happy and honored to help those in need. Anne uses her experience of a registered nurse and her educational background to bring innovative ideas and continuous support to a detox program.

Dr. Mary Dowd

Dr. Mary Dowd is a medical director at Milestone Recovery where she has been working since 2008. She believes in listening to people’s stories and helping them connect with treatment. Dr. Dowd also helps patients develop strategies to improve their lives.

Tom Natalie

Tom Natalie is a shelter manager at this treatment center. He started working at Milestone Recovery in 2007 as a shelter attendant. He manages the day to day operations of the shelter, supervises shelter staff and oversees communications and reporting with state funding agencies.

Sara Bachelder

Sara Bachelder is a director of counseling at Milestone Recovery. She has a vast experience working with patients suffering from substance abuse disorders, trauma, mental health problems, and homelessness. Sara provides both leadership and supervision to a dynamic group of substance use counselors to make sure clients receive a high quality and evidence-based care.

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