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Tuerk House Overview

Tuerk House is a substance abuse treatment program founded back in 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland. The treatment program provides both outpatient and residential treatments at different facilities. While Tuerk House is the main campus, other locations include Nilsson House, a halfway house for women, Weisman-Kaplan House or a halfway house for men just like Howard House. Tuerk House provides its services to men and women in need regardless of their ability to pay.
The treatment center has been around for decades meaning they have vast experience in this area. This can only be a good thing mostly because addiction is a serious, but manageable problem which requires expertise and knowledge of team members who work with the patients. The official website also features success stories of patients who’ve overcome their addiction. There’s no better way to get motivated other than to read the positive experiences of other people who went through the same thing. Tuerk House is a reputable treatment center whose primary mission is to transform lives by providing help and hope to patients and their families.

Tuerk House Housing

Not much is revealed about the housing options at Tuerk House. Due to their quality, it’s easy to understand patients spend time in the comfortable, clean, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere. During each day patients have snacks, leisure time, smoke breaks, group meals, and medication call. The entire facility and the treatment program is created in such a manner to make patients feel like home while allowing them to get the care they need to recover.

Tuerk House Treatment Options

Tuerk House provides residential or inpatient services to men and women who want to overcome drug or alcohol problem. Duration of stay is usually 30 days and it starts with a thorough exam followed by a detox, if necessary. Bear in mind the treatment center is not equipped to deal with alcohol and benzodiazepine detoxification services. During the residential treatment, patients undergo various therapies. They attend therapies individually, in groups, or with family members in order to deal with their demons more effectively and beat addiction. A typical day starts at 8.30am with a lecture that also serves as the focus for treatment during that day. The treatment day ends at 9.30pm.
There is out an outpatient clinic which supports clients waiting to come to the residential treatment. Basically, the clinic helps patients with drug or alcohol addiction while they’re still waiting to be admitted to inpatient treatment form. That’s a great way to help people, particularly patients whose addiction is severe.

Tuerk House Therapies Provided

Patients who come to Tuerk House don’t struggle with addiction only, they have a number of unresolved issues which only contributed to their problem. That’s why the treatment center provides various therapies whose main goal is to improve a patient’s mental health and wellbeing. As a result, that particular person is more likely to overcome the addiction problem and start a healthier and happier life. While there isn’t much about therapies on the official website, they still gave us a glimpse into the types of therapies that are available. For example, Tuerk House employs motivational interviewing, vocational training, social skill development, small group therapy, social learning, self-help meetings, and individual sessions.

Tuerk House Payment Options

Unfortunately, the official website of Tuerk House does not provide information about payment options. There is nothing about the price or costs of the treatment. At the same time, they don’t explain what insurance plans cover treatment at their facility if any. Sure, one can find all this information by contacting them but it would be practical to display these details for families and potential patients to see. We can only expect that Tuerk House, like other treatment centers, accepts major insurances and credit cards.

Tuerk House Licenses

Tuerk House is accredited by the Joint Commission, which is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. The Joint Commission was founded in 1951 and ever since then it has been focused on improvement of the quality of health care for patients in different facilities, institutions, and treatment centers across the country. The accreditation is a sign and strong evidence which testifies about the quality of service and efficacy of the treatment provided by Tuerk House.

Tuerk House Amenities

Tuerk House doesn’t have a huge list of amenities, but only because they focus on the quality of service. In order to learn more about all the amenities available to patients, you can contact the treatment center.

Tuerk House Staff

Despite the fact that Tuerk House is transparent about its services, mission, and purpose there’s not much information about staff members. For some staff members, there’s a short bio while for others it’s nonexistent. What we do know is that Tuerk House employs 70 staff members which include psychiatrists, counselors, doctors, nurses, administrators, and other team members. All of them work together to help patients recover and start a new chapter of their life. Below you can see some of the team members that take care of patients at Tuerk House.

Albert Arrington

Albert Arrington has been working at Tuerk House since 1992. He has worked at different levels of drug treatment ranging from inpatient and outpatient to halfway house counselor to the manager.

Other staff members

Besides Mr. Arrington, senior staff members at Tuerk House include:

  • Bernard Gyebi-Foster – interim executive director
  • Mark Bernard – Weisman Kaplan site manager
  • Mayra Diaz – interim director of residential services
  • Vanessa Lyle – benefits authorization coordinator
  • Dr. Kofi Owusu – medical director
  • Fredricka Richardson – director of nursing

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