Warwick Manor Behavioral Health, East New Market, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
3680 Warwick Rd
East New Market, MD, 21631

Warwick Manor Behavioral Health Overview

Warwick Manor Behavioral Health is a treatment facility that offers a variety of programs designed to help detoxify patients who have been abusing alcohol or drugs, as well as to rehabilitate them then. The goal of these treatments is to help the patient recover and then introduce them back to society, as well as help them adopt an attitude that motivates them to become more productive individuals.

Housing at Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

The treatment facility available at Warwick Manor Behavioral Health is not as large as some of the other rehabilitation centers in Maryland but still provides quality care for every single patient admitted. The facility currently has 56 beds In total and takes a more traditional approach to the set up of the rehabilitation center. All rooms are fitted with twin-sized beds, along with wooden dressers. Patients of the same gender share rooms. A total of 20 beds are dedicated to patients who have already gone through detoxification and are part of the IOP program or the PHP program offered by the institute. The other beds have been allocated to patients who require detoxification and active treatment to help them overcome their particular drug or alcohol addictions.

Treatment Options at Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

Combination therapy is a popular program at Warwick Manor Behavioral Health to allow for a more effective approach to treating addictions among the patients who are admitted to the facility. The majority of the programs offered to require the patient to undergo a 30-day residential treatment within the facility. A total of 12 steps are usually taken in order to help a patient go from addict to sober by the end of the 30-day period.
Even though standard programs are mentioned on the website of Warwick Manor Behavioral Health, it should be noted that treatments are individualized toward each of the patients that are submitted. The treatment plan is compiled after the patient has undergone an interview with a counselor at the facility. In most cases, a medical detoxification plan will be initiated first in order to help eliminate the drugs from the patient’s system, before other treatment protocols are initiated.

Payment Options at Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

No specific details are provided in regards to exactly how much the treatment programs offered by Warwick Manor Behavior Health offers. We did find that the average cost of a 30-day stay at the institute, which includes a detoxification treatment and further rehabilitation, is around $9,175. Even though an average is provided, each patient will be provided a unique bill as their treatment would be specifically customized toward their needs.
Some insurance policies do cover treatment as the Warwick Manor Behavior Health facility, but the institute does not support all insurance agencies in the United States. A patient should get in touch with the financial counselor at the institute before being admitted to one of their treatment programs to determine if their insurance plan would cover the cost of treatment. Alternatively, a repayment plan can be discussed with the financial counselor if the health insurance plan that the patient has does not cover these costs.


Warwick Manor Behavioral Health facility programs are Accredited by the Commision on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Also the facility met  COMAR Regulations.

Amenities at Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

All patients that attend the Warwick Manor Behavioral Health facility for treatment of substance use disorders will be monitored at all times by medical professionals to ensure their safety and to detect any possible complications as they happen – ensuring that appropriate treatment can be administered to the patient immediately. Patients are also given access to group therapy sessions and a detoxification center that helps them clear drugs and alcohol from their system, ensuring they can start their journey to recovery. Patients are also provided three meals each day. In some cases, specific dietary preferences from the patient can be provided to them, depending on the specific needs and the availability of such foods in the local area.
Warwick Manor Behavioral Health is situated in a small town and provides an adequate environment for patients with substance abuse issues to overcome their addictions and start a road to recovery, healing and to become free of drugs and alcohol. All treatment programs provided by the institute are residential and requires the patient to undergo treatment at the facility. Different insurance plans are accepted by the institute, and customizable payment plans can be arranged for patients without access to a health insurance plan.


The WMBH website states, that a number of certified addiction counselors are employed at the facility, along with licensed nurses and doctors. Furthermore, the company also states, that they have therapists with Master’s degrees in employment. The combination of these staff members provides appropriate care and treatment for patients to help them overcome their substance abuse disorders.
Patients who are interested in knowing more about the specific staff members that will be looking after them can give the institute a call before applying to be submitted to the facility. The consultants at Warwick Manor Behavioral Health would be able to provide more details to the patient.
WMBH staff members are:

  • Administrator – Josh Webster, LCSW-C
  • Clinical Supervisor – Keith Richardson, CAC-AD, Approved Supervisor
  • Director of Nursing – Susan Miles, RN
  • Medical Director – Dr. Efigenio Bautista, MD
  • Mental Health Medical Director – Joseph C. Boschulte, MD

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