Shoemaker Center, Sykesville, Maryland

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6655 Sykesville Rd
Sykesville, MD, 21784

Overview of Shoemaker Center

Shoemaker Center is Located in Sykesville and it is one of the best substance abuse treatment facility in that area. This facility has been operated by mountain manor since 2008 and it is one of the most reputable landmarks in Sykesville Maryland. As a substance abuse facility, Shoemaker Center is a part of the Carroll County Health Department and it has been offering residential abuse treatment to adults above the ages of 18 and it has been doing this for the past 30 years. This facility sits on the campus of the former Springfield Hospital Center, and they offer dual diagnosis treatment and detox support.
The Shoemaker Center is certified by the office of Health Care Quality to provide evidence-based treatment, medically managed intensive inpatient services, monitored inpatient detox services, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient services for both male patients and female patients.

Accommodation and Food at Shoemaker Center

Shoemaker Center has a capacity of about 40 beds and it is on the ground floor of the Springfield hospital. Males and females are separated in different housing units and each gender is assigned 20 beds capacity. Their rooms are huge and it is laid out in a dorm style. There are four rooms specifically kept for the females in which two of them contain 10 beds while the rest two are used as a detox room with the holding capacity of 5 each. These detox rooms have huge bathrooms while the other women’s rooms have a locker room-style restroom and shower layouts. The male’s section has four rooms which can contain eight to ten men and an extra detox room which can hold the same number of men. They also share bathrooms too.
Both the men and women units contain a TV room, laundry facilities, and a shared dining hall. Patients are assigned duties and various activities while being responsible to do their own laundries. Smoking is prohibited and so is cell phones or any personal electronics.
Shoemaker Center provides meals for its own residents and food is served in buffet-style. The basic food groups are provided by the caterers and special food requests are limited to salt-free or diabetic diets.

Treatment Options at Shoemaker Center

Shoemaker Center provides a 5 to 7-day medical detox for its applicants if required. It is overseen by a nurse and a physician employed by the facility. In this facility, Librium and other comfort drugs are used during detoxification for alcohol and suboxone is used for opiate detox.
The facility offers a 28-day rehabilitation program with the mindset that addiction and abuse is a chronic disease which time and patience must be exercised to fight and treat it. Shoemaker Center uses an evidence-based treatment such as DBT and CBT. They also offer gender-specific group therapies and co-ed group therapy. Topics like 12-step, meditation, self-esteem, relapse prevention, and coping skills are also covered in the facility.
Psychiatric appointments and individual therapy for co-occurring disorders are booked on a weekly basis. An on-site 12-step meeting is held every night with exception from Saturday and Sunday nights. These times are used for leisure activities like watching Television and playing games.

Therapy Choices at Shoemaker Center

Patients are given a one-hour recreational time per day. Recreational activities may range from volleyball, basketball, and snooker. There is a pool located in the men’s unit and a ping pong table located in the women’s unit.
Patients are giving visiting privileges for a two-hour visit while in the residence. Visitors must attend a two-hour family education, must be an immediate relative and has to be above the age of 13. Although this facility does not provide a family program, individual family therapy can be arranged if requested.

Payment Options and Insurances

Shoemaker Center is top-notch trauma care and rehabilitation center which is accessible and affordable by almost everyone. All fees paid are specifically used to pay staffs, provide foods, support programs, services and maintenance of the facility. However, the facility charges as much as $400 daily and they accept different forms of payment like:

  • Medicaid
  • Private insurance
  • Payment assistance
  • State financial aid
  • Self-pay options etc.


Shoemaker Center is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Shoemaker Center Advantages

Shoemaker Center has been operating for over 30 years of service providing its participants with experienced services. It gives a chance to its patients to undergo detox, fight addictions, and chemical dependency while helping them to start life all over as a new person.

Staff at Shoemaker Center

The staff is an experienced and qualified team of professionals who handle addiction issues generally.
They commit to their work and ensure that anyone who comes to Shoemaker Center actually recovers.
Their treatment team consists of LADCs (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor) physicians which are professionally trained individuals that assist patients in healing their substance abuse issues in the Shoemaker Center with either group or individual sessions.

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