Charlestown Recovery House, Charlestown, Massachusetts

Charlestown Recovery House
15 Bunker Hill St
Charlestown, MA, 02129

Charlestown Recovery House is a residential treatment facility that provides help to men dealing with drug addiction issues. Every year, more than 5,000 men seek help in this facility located in Charlestown, South Carolina. The treatment is based on the 12-step strategy with average duration of six months, implying that this a long-term treatment.

Charlestown Recovery House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Charlestown Recovery House does not provide detox services, but what it does offer, along with inpatient treatment, is a structured outpatient addiction program, also known as SOAP. During SOAP, patients are obliged to look for a job and attend 12-step meetings six nights per week. They are also encouraged to attend off-site meetings. This 12-step program includes daily group meetings and individual counseling. The goal of these sessions is for clients to obtain full-time employment by the end of the treatment. The treatment modalities used within this program include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • 12-step approach

The staff of the center includes nurses, counselors, peer counselors, and house managers.

Facilities and Extras

The center has the capacity to accommodate 26 men. Residents are placed in rooms of two or three beds equipped with closets and dressers, while several rooms share one bathroom. The common area includes kitchen, living room, and dining area. There is an on-site workout room, while clients are also allowed to go to the gym in a local community. Patients are also encouraged to go to sport games or enjoy in some other off-site activity.

Former clients participate in center’s activities as part of alumni program. Some of the activities include community events, fundraising, and support groups.

Dinners are prepared by a chef, while the rest of the meals residents prepare for themselves.

Rules and Regulations at Charlestown Recovery House

Unlike a large number of rehab centers, Charlestown Recovery House is quite liberal when it comes to coffee, sugar, and even smoking is allowed outside the facility. Family visitations are reserved for weekends. Patients have to get back to the center for dinner at 5 PM and no later by 11 PM if they are out.

Random drug testing is regularly conducted.


Charlestown Recovery House is an addiction treatment facility that provides inpatient and outpatient services for men dealing with substance abuse issues. Individual and group therapies are based on cognitive behavioral approach and 12-step philosophy. The staff encourages family involvement in the recovery process as well as visitations and occasional outings to the local community.

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Charlestown Recovery House

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