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Swift River Overview

Swift River is a treatment facility with a primary aim to provide patients with an adventure, instead of solely focusing on offering a range of therapies and treatments that will ensure the patient can recover from their addictions. The facility offers different types of services and takes an individualized approach to the treatment of addiction disorders, which ensures each of the patients have a better chance at recovery because their specific needs will be met through the various therapies and other services that are provided to them by the staff members at Swift River.
All of the patients that undergo treatment at Swift River will be given the option to participate in a wide range of outdoor activities that promote healing, the development of survival skills, and will ultimately promote improved healing among the patients that undergo treatment.

Swift River Housing

Swift River owns a property that measures 500 acres, and all patients who are determined to fit the criteria for undergoing a residential treatment will be provided access to the housing that is located on the property. All of the buildings that are located on this property features dorm-style housing features that ensure patients can feel safe, while still allowing some level of freedom to ensure they can live relatively independently while they are staying at the facility.
Bedrooms are shared, and up to 18 patients can be treated at a time. All rooms are gender-specific, with some dedicated to male patients and other providing housing for female patients. The facility does not serve too many patients at the same time to ensure each patient can be provided with higher quality care and an individualized approach to recovery.

Swift River Treatment Options

Different types of treatment options are presented to patients who are interested in utilizing the services that are offered by Swift River, ensuring that each patient can be served appropriately based on the specific symptoms they are experiencing and the drugs or other substances that they are addicted to. Treatment options that are available at this company include:

  • Heroin and Opiate Addiction Treatment
  • Wilderness Drug Rehab
  • Adventure Therapy Program

Patients may utilize the services at Swift River for both the specific substance abuse disorder they are suffering from, as well as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses that they are experiencing as co-occurring disorders.

Swift River Therapies Provided

In addition to providing the patient access to a wide variety of outdoor activities, Swift River also ensures that each patient can gain access to therapists and other professional medical staff members that can assist them during their addiction recovery process. These therapies include both individual sessions and group therapy sessions, all provided by a licensed therapist.

Swift River Payment Options

Swift River is not very transparent when it comes to the amount they will bill a patient for undergoing one of the programs that they are able to offer the patient to ensure they can effectively recover from an addiction and start to live a sober life. They do, however, advise patients that they accept most of the major insurance providers and that the patient can contact their admissions office in order to verify their health insurance benefits and see if the provider they are insured with will cover the cost of a treatment plan provided by Swift River.
Self-pay options are also available for those patients who are not insured under a health care policy. These individuals will need to settle their bill for the treatment that needs to be provided before they are admitted to the facility. The company also states that they can refer the patient to an appropriate financing institute, who may be able to provide the patient with private financing to ensure they can undergo treatment to recover from their disorders, be it an addiction or a mental health problem.

Swift River Accreditations

Swift River has been licensed with appropriate state authorities to ensure they can legally provide patients with a wide range of treatment and recovery solutions. Additionally, the company has also been awarded a Gold Seal by the Joint Commission, which means a third-party organization has reviewed the services that the company had to offer and determined that they are able to provide their patients with high-quality programs that will promote healing.

Swift River Amenities

Numerous amenities are offered to patients who need to undergo a residential treatment program at Swift River. Patients who are admitted to an individualized inpatient program have access to several outdoor activities that they can participate in, such as hiking trails, mountain climbing, zip-lining, swimming, camping, fishing, and more. These are all structured in such ways to help the patient learn some essential survival skills, while also giving them an opportunity to socialize with their peers who are also part of the residential treatments that are offered at Swift River.

Swift River Staff

Swift River does not provide any information that shares details of the staff members at the facility. We reviewed their website and could not find details of the psychiatrists, support staff, counselors, or any of the members that make up the management or leadership teams at the company. While this may be an unpleasant fact for some patients who want to know who will be providing them with care and therapy during their stay at the facility, interested patients will be able to gain more information related to the Swift River staff members by contacting the facility directly.

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