Phoenix House Springfield, Springfield, Massachusetts

Phoenix House Springfield
5 Madison Ave
Springfield, MA, 01105

Ever since 1972, after the Phoenix House that was originally started in New York City became an independent, non-profit organization, the family of rehab facilities it has added to its network has grown by leaps and bounds.

The Phoenix House brand has incorporated over 120 different programs in 40 years. Their facilities and locations strive to address all the difficulties surrounding addiction and mental health disorders in communities all over the United States.

Renewing the Spirit

The Phoenix House has various treatment facilities in and around Massachusetts. Phoenix House offers everything from inpatient and outpatient clinics, sober living homes for men and women, even emergency housing for women and their children.

The Phoenix House inpatient residential treatment facility for men and women located in Springfield, Massachusetts has over 40 beds available to adults and adolescents. The other Phoenix House programs scattered around Massachusetts include a stand-alone stabilization unit for men and women to undergo withdrawal safely in Quincy.

Another residential property that houses women with substance abuse problems who also have young children in Dorchester. A sober living home for men and an outpatient clinic, also in Springfield.

The Phoenix House Springfield co-ed residential facility offers much the same structure as a sober living home, but with treatment sessions given onsite from Phoenix House drug counselors and therapists.

Men and women live separately and have specially designed, gender-specific programming options. All residents at the house maintain and clean the house on their own accord. Residents cook their own meals and buy groceries under the supervision of Phoenix House staff.

Finding the Strength

Potential residents in need of detox get referred to one of the other Phoenix House facilities in Massachusetts to receive withdrawal treatment. Patients with dual diagnosis needs can also receive treatment at the Springfield residence by a visiting psychiatrist who makes house calls if such needs present during the intake assessment.

Treatment options at the Springfield house don’t stray far from the standard. Residents attend group counseling sessions led by the house therapist. Addiction education and relapse prevention figure heavily as group session topics.

Although the 12-Step fellowship is not officially a part of the Phoenix House’s treatment modalities, residents are still encouraged to participate in offsite recovery meetings should they feel they help complement their main therapy track.

In addition to addiction and mental health treatment, residents also have many educational and employment opportunities available to them. Residents can start taking GED classes to finish their education and learn vocational skills to help them find work once their stay has finished.

Given its location in a stately, but aged Victorian house residents don’t have many options when it comes to non-therapy activities. But since Phoenix House has various affiliations with other non-profit organizations and charities like the YMCA, residents can take supervised visits to a local gym or pool to exercise or let off a little steam.

Inpatient residential stays are not predetermined, and residents can stay for as long as they need to stay. Once residents, along with Phoenix House staff, feel they have completed their recovery goals, they can move to a sober living home or continue receiving treatment in an outpatient setting.

The Phoenix House Springfield residential inpatient facility is just one of the over 200 different programs that Phoenix House offers around the country. It may not be the most exemplary example of the various services that Phoenix House offers, but for those who have little choice in where they can receive substance abuse treatment, it does offer a much-needed service.

Price for 30 days at Phoenix House Springfield: $0-$3,750

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Phoenix House Springfield

5 Madison Ave

Springfield, MA 01105




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