Doorway to Recovery, Farmington, Michigan

Farmington Hills, Michigan
33634 W 8 Mile Road
Farmington, MI, 48335

Doorway to Recovery Overview

The Doorway to Recovery rehabilitation centers offer individuals – both male and female, struggling with alcohol abuse issues and drug abuse issues, a chance for sober living. The first Doorway to Recovery facility has been opened in 2003 in Farmington, Michigan by Mr. Mark Burchell, who uses his past experiences with drug and alcohol abuse, and the second chance that he got to get his life back on track, has decided to open his first sober living facility for men only. At the time being, Mr. Mark Burchell count not even imagine that his small sober living facility will grow to become one of the best rehabilitation centers in Michigan, and perhaps in the United States as well.
Now, there are over 15 rehabilitation centers under the name of Doorway to Recovery around Michigan, including Westland, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Redford, Lavonia, and Plymouth. Now, the Doorway to Recovery rehabilitation centers have expanded their services and are offering a chance for a sober living to both men and women. The facility only offers a residential treatment plan that follows the principle of the 12-steps recovery process, individual and group therapy sessions. The Doorway to Recovery is a Christian oriented facility that is using Bible studies, faith, and prayers to achieve a full recovery for its patients. Upon arrival, the patients are required to complete their detoxification, available on-site, and pass a drug and alcohol test. All patients are required to find a proper sponsor, preferably a pastor within two weeks of their arrival at the Doorways to a Recovery facility. All patients subject to random drug and alcohol screening tests. If any patient relapses at any point of the treatment, they are instantaneously removed from the premises of the facility and treatment is no longer available to them.

Doorway to Recovery Housing

The main Doorway to Recovery facility is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The Doorway to Recovery rehabilitation centers offers to accommodate 70 patients over 15 different facilities on different locations. Depending on the location, the patients can be assigned to a single room, or they can be required to live with two, three, or four roommates at a time. In most cases, all patients are assigned to a room with four roommates, only to be later relocated into a room with three, then two roommates, and at the end, a single room as their treatment progresses and they get better.
Each house has an assigned house manager who is responsible for supervising the patients and making sure that they are completing their chores. Each patient is responsible for buying groceries and cooking three meals for themselves each day. Cable TV and a stable Wi-Fi network are available at all times. The patients have to complete certain chores and take care of their rooms and the whole facility as a part of their treatment at the Doorway to Recovery rehabilitation centers.

Doorway to Recovery Treatment Options

At Doorway to Recovery, you will find the following treatment options:
Residential treatment program – The residential treatment program, or also known as an inpatient treatment program, allows the patients to live on the grounds of the facility in order to participate in their treatments. It includes individual and group therapy sessions, Bible studies, prayers, and relapse prevention classes. The duration of the treatment plan is to the assigned counselor and psychotherapist to determine.

Doorway to Recovery Therapies Provided

The Doorway to Recovery provides the following therapy methods:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Detoxification

Doorway to Recovery Payment Options

The Doorway to Recovery official website does not provide with any specific information on the topic of payment options, payment plans, or insurance acceptance. The best way to get informed about these questions would it be by contacting the staff directly using the phone number provided in today’s review article.

Doorway to Recovery Licenses

The facility’s website does not provide us with information about the accreditations of the Doorway to Recovery facility. For more information on the topic, please contact the staff via phone.

Doorway to Recovery Amenities

The Doorway to Recovery rehabilitation centers has a special program known as the Work Search program that helps the patients with their job search as soon as they complete their treatment at the facility. The program guarantees 90% a successful job search.

Doorway to Recovery Staff

Mark Burchell -Founder and CEO, Certified Recovery Coach, Family Interventionist

Mr. Burchell has been a patient suffering from drug and alcohol addiction himself until he finally recovered and decided to use his past experience to open his own recovery home for men. Now, he is a Certified Recovery Coach and owner of over fifteen transitional homes and recovery centers.

Dr. L.A.Barlow PsyD – Psychotherapist, Certified Forensic Consultant, Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Addiction Counselor

Using her broad experience and knowledge in the field of addiction and mental health issues, dr. Barlow is successfully treating numerous patients at the Doorway to Recovery rehabilitation centers.

  • Ruben Carreri – Office Administrator and Intake Coordinator
  • Scot Murrell – Director of Men’s Housing
  • Dave Wilson – Livonia Men’s Sober Housing Lead, Transportation Director
  • James Smith – Outreach Coordinator, Plymouth Men’s Sober Housing Lead

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