Fountain Centers, Albert Lea, Minnesota

Rochester is a Major City in South East Minnesota
408 W Fountain St
Albert Lea, MN, 56007

Fountain Centers Overview

Located in the city of Alberta Lea in southeastern Minnesota, Fountain Centers is a treatment facility for adults, adolescents, and their families looking to overcome substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. Fountain Centers operates in various eight locations across Minnesota including Rochester, Owatonna, Fairmont, Austin, and many more. The Albert Lea center utilizes a holistic treatment approach and focuses on the patient’s underlying psychological and medical issues. Among the levels of care, the center offers a residential treatment program for women and men, an adult outpatient program, and an extended program for persons who are prone to relapse. Additionally, the facility’s treatment programs draw from cognitive behavioral and motivational enhancement traditions. The facility also offers educational lectures and relapse prevention programs. The treatment plans are customized to address and attend to the needs of each patient and emphasis is laid on long-lasting recovery and healing. The facility offers support group meetings and recovery programs in the form of its alumni support program. The facility boasts of an interdisciplinary treatment team consisting of a medical director, nurses, mental health professional, and treatment technicians.

Accommodation & Food

The center’s residential facility is set up in dorm style. Rooms are shared by two clients and furnished with a shared bathroom, twin beds, and communal showers. The facility is designed to accommodate men, women, and adolescents and each of the separate units for the patients has a designated registered nurse who provides 24/7 care.
Meals are served thrice daily, and a cafeteria exists in each building. Snacks including fruit, yogurt, and protein bars are available during evening periods and a salad bar is available at lunch and dinner. Special dietary needs are accommodated by the staff.

Treatment & Therapy

The center offers some treatment and therapy services depending on the unique needs of the client. Some of these are:

  • Treatment Options
  • Detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Extended care

Residential Treatment

The residential program is designed for persons dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues and seeks to provide a safe and comfortable environment to facilitate recovery. The program is designed for adults and usually lasts for about a month. Treatment programs integrate the 12-step approach and clients undergo counseling, education sessions, and therapy.

Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient treatment program is designed for adults and adolescents looking to overcome chemical dependency struggles. The program offers a comprehensive assessment and brief screening to determine the appropriate levels of care for the patient after which evidence-based, individualized treatment plans are provided to the patient.
The following are a list of conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Co-occurring disorders

Therapy Options

The facility offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Family education
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Individual sessions
  • 12-step meetings


Fountain centers cost approximately $25,000 for a 28-day treatment at the facility, but this amount is subject to change as it is greatly dependent on the type of treatment and level of care a client requires. Financial assistance is available to clients who are eligible for such. Clients are encouraged to contact the facility for more information on payment, admission, insurance verification, and more. Private payments through an online bill payment method can be made online as well.


The facility is fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

Fountain Centers Advantages

The facility believes in the treatment of mind, body, and soul and in this offers recreational therapy as part of its treatment program. Each unit has its own recreational therapist, and during weekends, recreational activities take place. Some of these activities include ice-skating, walking trails, swimming, canoeing, bowling, rollerblading, and more. Holistic therapy such as Art therapy is also offered to clients interested in such.
Aftercare is given to clients who have completed a primary program to maintain a continuum of treatment. These programs involve continuing treatment in an outpatient clinic. An extended care average duration of stay is from 60 to days and sober living homes are provided with a staff of five. Clients in this program can participate in 12-step meetings, nutrition education, group therapy, meal preparation, recreational activities, and more.
In entirety, the facility provides well-rounded programs for clients suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. Dual diagnosis is offered as well as treatment for people struggling with other physical issues and chronic relapsers. Clients seeking a facility that provides a full continuum of care, intensive residential treatment, detox, outpatient services, and more will find Fountain Center to be a good option.

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