Juel Fairbanks, St. Paul, Minnesota

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Overview of Juel Fairbanks

Juel Fairbanks founded since 1970 is one of the most reputable landmarks in St. Paul Minnesota. Located in St. Paul, Juel Fairbanks is one of the best chemical dependency and alcohol abuse treatment facility in that county. Juel Fairbanks is both a residential and outpatient treatment facility that provides chemical dependency and alcohol abuse treatment services to adult clients. As a non-profit organization, Juel Fairbanks is funded primarily by private insurance, grants and Minnesota State Rule 31 to ensure the smooth running of the facility.
The facility got its name from its founder who is an Ojibwe tribe member and the facility primarily exists and was created to offer treatment to Native Americans as well as the general public at large. The residential program focuses mostly on male clients although the outpatient services also cater to women too.
Juel Fairbanks provides its clients with government approved evidence-based treatment methods and in addition to providing these treatment practices, the facility also incorporates cultural traditions to speed up the recovery process. At Juel Fairbanks, the organization has only one mission in mind, “to provide treatment, prevention and all other services associated with enhancing recovery from chemical dependency and dual disorders within the Native American Community and the underserved populations”.

Accommodation and Food at Juel Fairbanks

The Juel Fairbanks offers its male patients a 15-bed capacity residential and transitional living program. Clients share small bedrooms with twin beds and desks with one other client. The facility also has a dining hall, common room, offices, and therapy rooms. A small room is dedicated to clients who want to get fit and due to the weather conditions, clients can take walks. Smoking is permitted in this facility outside during smoke breaks.
Joel Fairbanks provides its clients with three square meals a day in the dining hall. Special dietary requests are accommodated and the facility serves its clients with snacks at intervals.

Treatment Options at Juel Fairbanks

The treatment program at Juel Fairbanks which offers a 30 to 90 days treatment plan for residential men is designed to give the major substance abuse treatment services. At this facility, patients are treated by experienced professionals in the field of rehabilitation medicine.
This facility does not offer 12-Step treatment services for residents who are newly admitted instead patients are required to attend the on-site AA/NA meeting three times every week. Juel Fairbanks also offers indigenous Native American cultural treatment like pipe ceremonies which are to help Native Americans reconnect with their cultural heritage.
This facility which also serves as a sober living allows their patient to stay up to six months passing through the sober living program. Patients are required to have a job or enroll in school while attending the sober living treatment programs at this facility.
The treatment options offered by Juel Fairbanks include:

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • 12-Step Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Sober Living Homes
  • Aftercare support

Therapy Choices at Juel Fairbanks

The specific therapy choices at Juel Fairbanks are well designed to help patients who have need of undergoing therapy. The therapy choices at this facility are administered to their patients by highly trained individuals who have years of experiences in the field of the selected therapy option.
The therapy classes cover topics like anger management, relationship building, trauma, aftercare, and relapse prevention. Each group therapy class comprises 10 to 20 patients, this way the therapists can study the patients easily and know when the treatments are working or if the patients are not following the process right.
The therapy choices offered by Juel Fairbanks include:

  • Trauma Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Individual Therapy

Payment Options and Insurances

The charges for services rendered at Juel Fairbanks is free of charge and therefore doesn’t require any payment options.


Juel Fairbanks is not a licensed substance abuse treatment facility.

Juel Fairbanks Advantages

Named after its founder, Juel Fairbanks was founded with the intentions of reducing the number of substance abuse affected Native Americans and also individuals that are underprivileged and in need of rehabilitation treatment services. This facility offers all its treatment services free of charge and therefore all individuals are allowed at this facility and don’t require any form of criteria.
The treatment options which focuses on the major substances abuse treatment services, helps the patients disconnect from the life of being addicted or drug dependent and focus on living a life without being addicted to any kind of drugs. This facility also boasts of a set of experienced board-certified individuals who are professionals in the treatment of substance abuse. Also serving as a Sober Living Home, Juel Fairbanks has very nice accommodation which can take 15 men at a go and also provides a chef that prepares meals for their patients 3 times a day. Also, patients with specific dietary needs are also accommodated.

Staff at Juel Fairbanks

Being a free treatment facility, Juel Fairbanks boasts of a group of professionals who work as therapists, counselors, case manager, and nurses. At this facility, the staffs help create a safe environment to process emotions giving the patients the chance to express themselves freely, also enabling them to open up and receive the recovery treatment easily.
Each Staff working at Juel Fairbank is licensed and have years of experience. And they a set of individuals that understand that although treatments are free of charge, patients who get admitted should get the best substance abuse treatment they require and also that the patient’s life and mental welfare is their priority.

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