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Castlewood Treatment Center Overview

Castlewood Treatment Center is an eating disorder treatment facility that was recently renamed to Alsana. The center is dedicated to helping patients who are suffering from an active eating disorder, be it anorexia, binge eating disorder, or perhaps bulimia, overcome these disorders and regain the ability to eat healthily and reduce the effects that these particular eating disorders might have had on their lives at the time of initiating the treatment protocol.
Even though renamed to Alsana, the facility still provides top-quality care to all of the patients and still specializes in all of the particular treatments and services they aimed to treat prior to the change in their name. Even though the facility primarily focuses on providing their treatment services to female patients, they do have the ability to provide treatment for male patients with eating disorders as well.

Castlewood Treatment Center Housing

Patients who are in need of residential treatment services will be provided access to housing facilities at one of the buildings that are owned by Castlewood Treatment Center. The company has multiple facilities available, where specialized services are provided to the patients admitted to treatment programs that are offered by this company. The particular facilities and centers where residential treatment services can be offered to the patient include:

  • Castlewood I House can provide treatment for up to 10 patients
  • Castlewood II House can provide treatment for up to 16 patients
  • Monterey House has a total of 12 beds
  • Birmingham House has a total of six beds

Castlewood Treatment Center Treatment Options

Castlewood Treatment Center is able to address a variety of eating disorders and also simultaneously target additional co-occurring disorders that the patient may be struggling with. The specific types of eating disorders listed as part of their treatment options include:

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge Eating Disorder

Furthermore, patients who have developed depression, anxiety, undergone trauma, or suffer from other conditions that the eating disorder they have developed caused them to experience will be treated through a dual-diagnosis process. This is known to yield more effective results and result in patients who are able to overcome their eating disorders over the long term.

Castlewood Treatment Center Therapies Provided

While the facility where the patient is treated will aim to provide them with healthy meals on a daily basis in order to provide treatment for the eating disorders they have been admitted for, a range of therapy sessions will also be conducted to help address particular problems that might be the root causes behind such eating disorders. Each patient will undergo individual therapy sessions. Group sessions will also be held at specified periods during each week.

Castlewood Treatment Center Payment Options

Castlewood Treatment Center is a luxury rehabilitation facility, which means their services are more costly than some of the alternative options that patients may be presented when they need help overcoming their eating disorders. Patients are responsible for paying their own bills, but the facility does accept a number of insurance providers.
When a patient has insurance, the facility would be able to verify the benefits of the patient’s insurance policy to see if treatment costs would be covered by the provider. In cases where the patient’s insurance provider does not cover the costs, the patient needs to make use of the self-pay options provided by Castlewood Treatment Center to pay for the services rendered to them.

Castlewood Treatment Center Accreditations

We were unable to determine if the Castlewood Treatment Center has been accredited by any organization in the United States, such as the CARF body, as they have not shared such information on their official website. There is also no information available in terms of licenses that the state-based health departments have provided the facility to authenticate the treatment services they offer patients with eating disorders. Any patient who feels that they would like to know about such accreditation and licenses possibly held by the facility should contact the center for more details.

Castlewood Treatment Center Amenities

Since Castlewood Treatment Center is a luxury rehabilitation center, patients can expect to be given access to more facilities and amenities than the average rehab in the area. There are multiple fireplaces in these facilities, fitted in the living rooms. These rooms offer patients that ability to socialize with each other and have some time off between therapy sessions. While television is available, along with multiple couches, the television is not particularly large as the center want to focus on treating the patients and helping them overcome their disorders, instead of providing them with access to facilities that may promote a sedentary lifestyle.

Castlewood Treatment Center Staff

Even though the website that represents Castlewood Treatment Center provide a comprehensive overview of the specific services that patients can undergo at the facility, it does not seem like the facility has decided to share information about the staff who are involved at the center. This can certainly be an unfortunate factor, especially for those patients who are still wary of being treated as a rehabilitation center.
Fortunately, the center does seem open to providing interested patients with a guide on what the center would be able to offer them. This would allow the patient to get an overview of the staff members that will be treating them before they are admitted. Patients often find that they feel more comfortable undergoing treatment at a facility when they know more about the medical team members who administer the treatment protocols that are offered at the particular center.

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