Piney Ridge Treatment Center, Waynesville, Central Missouri

Piney Ridge Treatment Center
1000 Hospital Rd
Waynesville, MO, 65583

Along with six other residential treatment facilities, Piney Ridge Treatment Center is a part of the WoodRidge Behavioral Care network, spread across Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee. Piney Ridge Center opened its doors in 1991, in Waynesville, Central Missouri. For over 25 years, this facility has provided residential mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment for children and teens.

Piney Ridge Treatment Center: Programs, Treatments, and Staff

The treatment program at Piney Ridge uses a progressive process based on positive intervention techniques with the goal of keeping residents engaged in their individualized plans.

Most residents stay for six to nine months. Those who suffer from co-occurring disorders receive significant mental health therapy during their stay. All treatment is individualized and each patient’s treatment plan includes daily group and individual therapy alongside their academic work. Besides these services, there are also:

  • Family therapy
  • Medical care
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  • Psychological testing, if requested
  • Structured activity therapy
  • Trauma focused therapy
  • DBT techniques
  • Sexual offender treatment programming
  • Independent living skills
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Piney Ridge also offers a variety of programs:

  • Pre-adolescent co-ed strength-based program (ages 6 to 12)
  • Sexual offender programs – male and female units (ages 12 to 18)
  • Psychiatric and Behavioral Programs – male and female units (ages 12 to 18)
  • Gender specific trauma focused therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment approach

The Bridge program for adolescents is designed for males and females ages 16 to 21, who are ready to make a transition from a high-level residential care setting to a less restrictive and more community-oriented setting. This is accomplished with the help of a residential staffing model enabling young people to live and work within a home-like setting. During the treatment, residents can experience different challenges and overcoming them leads to gaining confidence and life skills.

The members of the staff team include psychiatrists, Master’s level therapists, LPNs. This treatment facility is also proud to have a head substance abuse counselor with a Missouri’s RASAC credential.

Facilities and Extras

Piney Ridge accommodates up to 96 residents, between the ages of 6 and 18. There are gender-specific wings, but both boys and girls attend school and treatment groups together. Residents have roommates and use shared baths. Security is stationed outside their doors through the entire night.

Meals are consumed in the facility’s cafeteria and accompany nutritional needs of the residents. Classrooms are on-site, and besides academic work, each resident has daily chores. By fulfilling them he/she can be rewarded by gaining privileges to watch TV and movies.

The entire facility is tucked in a green surrounding, and the residents are free to use exercise room, play basketball or take walks for recreation.

Rules and Regulations at Piney Ridge Treatment Center

Safety of the residents is the most important aspect at Piney Ridge Treatment Center. That is why their every activity is closely monitored. The facility is locked, so there are no unattended outings.

Cell phones and computers are not allowed, but residents may sign out time on their unit’s phone sheet to use the communal phone to call home. Family visits are allowed, with the approval of the resident’s treatment team.

No application for admission is required, and items included in the referral packet, if available, should be: psychiatric evaluation, psychological evaluation, medical, physical and medication history, educational information including an IEP, discharge summaries.

As for the pricing of Wood Ridge Behavioral Care Piney Ridge Treatment Center, it is established via phone. Insurance is accepted.


Piney Ridge Treatment Center has been successfully treating children and teens with mental and substance use disorders for over 25 years. The highly structured motivational program and a secure facility made this treatment center an effective and reliable choice for young people who didn’t have the development which enabled them to establish clear boundaries and stable routines.

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Piney Ridge Treatment Center

1000 Hospital Rd

Waynesville, MO 65583

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