Seven Hills Hospital, Henderson, Nevada

Seven Hills Hospital
3021 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Henderson, , NV

Seven Hills Hospital is a medically orientated drug rehab and behavioral health treatment program. It provides a clinical setting for people suffering from addiction and mental health issues. It has a 134-bed facility that offers a variety of treatments, which run from 12 Step meetings to more thorough behavioral therapies.

Hidden in the Hills

The Seven Hills Hospital is located in the Seven Hills neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. Seven Hills Hospital offers its patients the care one would expect from a hospital. There is around-the-clock care from its staff of doctors, therapists and nurses. Care is given not only during the detox period but throughout your stay at Seven Hills.

There is a withdrawal facility on-site, where the professional staff, who may treat your withdrawal with medications should your case require it, attend to you. Cognitive behavioral and group therapy and other withdrawal treatments are also offered along with medication management. Your progress is monitored daily and detox at Seven Hills Hospital last between three to seven days, although some patients may require longer stays.

The age groups at Seven Hills Hospital range from adolescents to seniors who are suffering from dementia or substance abuse problems of their own. There is an inpatient program that allows for a short-term stay of indeterminate length.

Throwing the Dice

While in residence, patients live two to a room at the relatively new facility that Seven Hills constructed a few years ago. The Seven Hills Cafe features a trained chef that works together with a dietitian to craft healthy gourmet meals to serve to residents based on their specific nutritional needs.

Seven Hills emphasizes the 12 Step model as its primary treatment modality. Seven Hills believes that the 12 Steps are eventually ingrained into you, giving you a foundation on how to avoid relapses and to stay clean, even after you have left the program.

Other treatment options are available for those who require them. For those suffering from a dual diagnosis there treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy or psychiatric care. There is a separate psychiatric wing at the hospital for just such cases.

Patients at Seven Hills Hospital, whether enrolled in the inpatient, outpatient or partial hospitalization track at Seven Hills, are treated with what has now become the standard forms of treatment on hand at most rehab facilities. Addiction education classes, didactic treatments (aka anger management classes and conflict resolution skills) and if needed, medically assisted therapies all complement the 12 Step program.

The staff at Seven Hills demonstrate a plethora of disciplines among them. The quality of the staff is further proof that Seven Hills does not skimp on your treatment, but offers you a manner of different ways to achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Your physical and mental health problems are addressed not only through therapies and medications, however, and Seven Hills makes space for holistic treatments as well. There are not only doctors, nurses and addiction counselors but recreational therapists and spiritual guides as well.

No Gamble Taken

The Seven Hills Hospital has a relatively new facility which offers plenty of amenities to its variety of treatment plans. Downtime at Seven Hills can be occupied with reading, watching TV or for the more physically inclined, basketball and yoga.

Apart from the focus on adolescents and adults, geriatric services are also provided at Seven Hills. The Generations Unit takes special care to address the needs of seniors struggling not only with the afflictions of advanced age like dementia but also from the loss of a loved one to acute phobias that hinder their well-being.

If you are looking for a standard, medically inclined approach to treating your substance abuse or mental health difficulties, Seven Hills is a program that doesn’t stray far from the pack regarding treatment, so you will get what you expect.

Price for 30 days (short-term detox included): $19,400

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Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital
3021 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
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