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The Solutions Recovery Inc. rehab center, just outside of Las Vegas, offers standard, evidence-based and holistic treatments for substance use and co-occurring disorders. Solutions Recovery Inc. is a member of the American Addiction Centers network.

American Addiction Centers nationwide brand promise offers 30-days of free inpatient residential treatment if a relapse occurs after a 90-day stay in one of its centers. Solutions Recovery Inc. offers both inpatient and outpatient formats of treatment to men and women 18 years and older.

Lasting Solutions

Before being absorbed into the American Addiction Centers family over ten years ago, Solutions Recovery Inc. was known as the Solutions Wellness Center. The Solutions Wellness Center name is still used to refer to the compound where Solutions Recovery Inc. houses its most attractive add-ons to the residential inpatient program.

The Wellness Center offers an isolated setting, away from all the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip. The Wellness Center has such on-site amenities as a cafe, hair and nail salon, and spacious rec rooms with TVs and pool tables. Clients can also participate in interactive cooking classes that function both as recreation as well as part of the therapy of learning healthy eating habits.

Physical fitness and exercise being essential recovery tools, the Wellness Center also features a fully equipped gym with cardio machines and free weights aplenty. If pumping iron isn’t your thing, there are yoga classes and a personal trainer on hand to help you come up with a plan.

The residences that Solutions Recovery uses to house its patients boast such relaxing features as an indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi and a large outdoor pool, situated in the backyard of the residence. The houses offer plenty of space for residents having large, well-furnished living rooms with fireplaces scattered around each of the homes.

Getting to the Center of You

Solutions Recovery Inc. offers a variety of treatment schemes for its clients. Since Solutions Recovery utilizes the Florida model of treatment, patients live separate from where treatment and therapies are administered.

A patient in need of detoxification has a full complement of medical professionals to supervise their withdrawal. Doctors can also prescribe medication to aid in the management of withdrawal symptoms.

Once a patient emerges from detox, their specialized treatment plan goes into effect. Clients at Solutions Recovery typically have 30 hours of treatment programmed for them during the week.

A typical treatment plan can usually include individual and group counseling. Loved ones also play a significant role in therapy, which is why Solutions Recovery offers to counsel the whole family.

Solutions Recovery, in addition to offering these evidence-based therapies, offers an array of holistic options to treat all the facets of a person damaged by addiction. Clients can partake in animal-assisted therapy, both canine and equine, monitored by an expert in the field.

There are also expressive therapies available that help a client uncover those deeper segments of their personality that were inhibited during their time as substance abusers. Music and art therapy assist clients articulate hard to express emotions.

Journey to the Answers

To shore up and complement regular therapy, Solutions Recovery also offers life coaching sessions, as well as teaching clients effective coping and communication skills, to stave off a relapse down the road.

Solutions Recovery has an outpatient option for those who cannot commit either the time or resources to an inpatient program. Outpatient options consist of a combination of individual, and group therapy, with emphasis on aftercare as well. The outpatient track runs for three-hour blocks three days a week.

The Solutions Recovery Inc. program offers a lot of perks in addition to substance abuse treatment. If you’re a person helped by having a lot of distractions and recreational activities to help you absorb the lessons of recovery better than Solutions Recovery Inc. might suit you just fine.

Price for 30 days at Solutions Recovery, Inc.: $19,000

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Solutions Recovery, Inc.
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