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West Hills Hospital Overview

West Hills Hospital is a treatment facility that offers acute recovery programs that targets quite a large range of issues that the patient may present – all related to their general mental well-being. The programs that are offered at West Hills Hospital provides effective treatment services that can assist patients with the mental disorders that are causing them difficulties in their own life, as well as assist in the recovery of drug and alcohol addictions. These are common problems in today’s society and can cause a person to lead the wrong path in life. With the effective treatment services offered at this facility, patients can successfully recover.

West Hills Hospital Housing

West Hills Hospital has a relatively large facility that can provide acute treatment to patients who are presenting signs of addiction and mental disorders. The facility currently has a total of 95 beds available to assist in the treatment of addiction and mental health conditions. In addition to being able to treat patients at the main facility through an inpatient program, including a period of medical detoxification to help a patient start their road to recovery from an addiction, the facility also has an additional facility that is used on the same premises for delivering outpatient programs.

West Hills Hospital Treatment Options

West Hills Hospital specializes in providing effective treatments to children, adults, and adolescents. There are different types of treatment options offered by the facility in order to ensure the patient can be provided with a plan that will help them recover more effectively. It should be noted that the facility primarily focuses on introducing a patient to recovery services through an acute inpatient program, which will be followed by an outpatient program that ensures the patient can continue to recover over the long-term.

Treatment programs and therapies that patients may be offered at West Hills Hospital include:

  • Medical drug detoxification
  • Substance abuse acute inpatient treatment
  • Mental disorder acute inpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Video assessment services

West Hills Hospital Therapies Provided

Along with the medical detoxification program and support provided at the facility, the patient will also be placed under the care of licensed therapists, who can provide the following therapy services:

  • Individual therapy sessions, provided by highly-qualified psychiatrists and therapists
  • Group sessions to assists individuals in socializing and talking openly about their problems and report on their progress

West Hills Hospital Payment Options

Patients are able to gain access to an assessment at West Hills Hospital for free, but once admitted to a program in order to assist them in recovering from the disorder they are suffering from, a personalized plan will be provided to the patient and they will need to pay for the services that are provided to them. The average cost of treatment at the facility is around $4,500 for a treatment period that usually lasts for seven days.

The company does not provide extensive inpatient programs, as they mostly focus on helping the patient start their recovery journey, and then switch the client to an intensive outpatient program for continued support and recovery. Details in regards to whether the facility accepts insurance policies are not provided, but patients can contact the admissions office to check their insurance benefits and see if they would be able to undergo services through their medical insurance plan.

West Hills Hospital Licenses

West Hills Hospital holds a number of memberships and licenses. This ensures that the patient can be confident in their decision to take advantage of the services that are offered by this facility. The company is a member at the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems, as well as the National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals. Furthermore, the company has also been licensed by the Nevada Hospital Association.

All of these accreditations mean West Hills Hospital has undergone appropriate investigations to ensure the services and treatments they provide are high-quality and can help the client effectively recover from the disorders that they are suffering from.

West Hills Hospital Amenities

Since the treatments provided at West Hills Hospital are usually limited to acute programs that only provide the patient with a one-week treatment plan, there are not a lot of amenities available to patients, as the goal of the treatments offered is to assist the patient in recovering from their disorder. One particular amenity that should be noted is the video assessment program that has been developed by West Hills Hospital, which ensures patients who are living in rural regions of the Nevada region can still be assessed and adequate treatment can be delivered to them.

West Hills Hospital Staff

West Hills Hospital offers a complete overview of the staff members that are involved at the hospital, which means the patient who is interested in becoming part of the acute treatment services that are offered at the facility can understand who will be involved in their treatment program before they are admitted to the facility. Extensive data is not provided on each of the staff members, but the company does offer a series of management staff members, along with photographs and their roles, on their official website.

  • Nadine Dexter – Chief Executive Officer
  • John Pruett (MD) – Chief Medical Officer
  • John Luther – Director of Pharmacy Services
  • Julie Hall – Director of Admissions Department
  • Gina Flores-OToole – Director of Clinical Services
  • David Bernsten – Director of Food Services

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