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Bridge Back to Life is an outpatient rehab center founded in 1988 in New York. Besides outpatient treatment, the center provides aftercare and detox services. Recovery in this facility is based on 12-step approach and evidence-based therapy.

Bridge Back to Life Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The staff of the center acknowledges that there is no one unique solution for addiction problems. The first step after the admission in the Bridge Back to Life Center is detailed diagnostic and evaluation in order to create a highly individualized treatment plan which is the core of the recovery.

The next step is detox that is available at all six locations. Also, administration of medications that can ease withdrawal symptoms is available.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP) includes individual counseling, group and family therapy, psycho-educational program, and educational seminars. Additionally, patients are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings in their local communities.

For a family member, the center arranges counseling and therapy sessions to educate them about the addiction so they can be a strong support network for their loved one affected by the addiction.

Treatment duration varies, and it depends on person’s individual needs.

The staff in the Bridge Back to Life Center includes masters and doctor-level therapists, psychologists, psychiatrist, and counselors.

Other programs at the center include:

  •         Ancillary withdrawal which provides a safe environment during the withdrawal period. The purpose of this program is to manage withdrawals symptoms and drug cravings.
  •         Impaired Professionals Program is designed to help healthcare professionals, social workers, and lawyers who are struggling with substance abuse issues. It includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and other evidence-based practices.
  •        LGBTQ program emphasizes substance abuse problems within the community. Similar to the Impaired Professionals program, it is based on evidence-based approach.
  •         DWI program includes assessment, screening, and counseling ordered by the court because of driving under the influence.

Facilities and Extras

Bridge Back to Life Center offers services of recovery homes to those in need. Also, the staff organizes special events for their patients, families, and the entire community. Some of those events are dinners, fairs, and seminars. The purpose of these events is to help clients’ socialize and participate in the happenings in their social surroundings.

The unique outpatient program is designed for women and adolescents, and also marriage counseling is available for couples affected by addiction.

Arch for Military is treatment program for soldiers and veterans dealing with trauma, chronic pain, and consequently substance abuse.

Other services that center provides:

  •         Counseling groups for older adults
  •         Dual-diagnosis counseling
  •         Anger management
  •         Domestic abuse intervention program
  •         Art therapy
  •         Matrix model
  •         Case management and aftercare

Rules and Regulations

Bridge Back to Life Center provides services that are Medicaid and Medicare approved. The average cost of the 28-day treatment is $2,700.


Bridge Back to Life Center offers comprehensive outpatient treatment for men, women, and adolescents. Rehabilitation is highly individualized to accommodate client’s specific needs. Some of the programs that center provides include intensive outpatient program, a treatment designed for soldiers and healthcare professionals, family therapy, couples counseling, anger management, and much more.

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Bridge Back to Life Center

500 8th Ave, Ste 906

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