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Daytop Village Outpatient Treatment Center Review
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Daytop Village, substance abuse rehab center was founded back in the early 60’s. The center provides outpatient services for men, women, and young adults. In the beginning, this facility was a temporary home for people who committed drug-related crimes. Now, it provides family support, group therapy, peer support, role modeling, and job assignments.

Daytop Village Outpatient: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

After the initial assessment, a client is assigned to a counselor who will create an individualized treatment plan. According to that, patients attend certain group therapies and individual counseling.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) includes four therapy sessions per week that last three hours. Two, out of 12 hours are devoted to individual sessions, while other ten are spent in groups.

Group therapy discussions include following topics:

  •        Education regarding addiction
  •        Coping skills
  •        Peer pressure
  •        Relapse prevention
  •        Family dynamics
  •        Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  •         12-step meetings

The next stage in the recovery process in Daytop Village is an outpatient program, or in this facility known as aftercare. The program includes one group therapy per week. In this stage, patients return to their everyday activities while applying skills learned during the intensive outpatient program. Counselors encourage clients to set up new goals and discuss how they will achieve them.

The staff in Daytop Village includes licensed counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists.

Facilities and Extras

Daytop Village has specific groups for clients with dual diagnosis, teenagers, and women.

The center also emphasizes the family involvement in the recovery process of their loved one, especially within adolescents treatment program. Teens are also able to attend school on-site during their intensive outpatient recovery.

Rules and Regulations

For patients attending Daytop Village Outpatient program there are four days per week reserved for therapy and each therapy lasts for three hours. Out of these 12 hours 2 hours per week are dedicated to individual therapy while the rest are for group therapy.

Each patient will “graduate” after completing all of their prescribed therapy sessions and are deemed ready to be reintegrated into society by their counselor.


Dayton Village provides comprehensive outpatient care to men, women, and adolescents struggling with substance abuse issues. The center puts an accent on the family involvement in the recovery process because addiction is not only the chronic disease but a social problem as well. Professional counselors and therapists engage discussions regarding family dynamics, coping skills, peer pressure and much more.

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