Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center, Ovid, New York

Loon Lake, Adirondack Mountains, New York
1330 County Road 132
Ovid, NY, 14521

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Overview

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center helps patients with substance abuse and mental health problems. The treatment center was founded in 1978, and it has a 14-county service area. For decades Dick Van Dyke ATC has been the place where men and women with addiction embarked on the journey toward recovery, sobriety, and a healthier lifestyle. They utilize a person-centered treatment as the most effective approach to managing substance abuse rather than “one size fits all” rule that many organizations employ although it’s not that useful. Besides treatment, patients also receive an education which only empowers their recovery.

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Housing

The treatment center is located in a large campus in a peaceful and serene area where men and women have peace and quiet they need to focus on themselves and the recovery process. The three-story building has 30 beds. Of these, 15 beds are reserved for men while remaining 15 for women. Although it’s one residential building treatment is still gender-specific meaning male, and female patients are separated. Three clients share one room which is comfortably furnished with bed and personal space where each man or a woman can store their belongings. There is a one bathroom per floor. Each wing has communal areas such as TV and couches where clients can relax, rest, and bond.

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Treatment Options

As mentioned above the treatment program at Dick Van Dyke ATC is patient-centric, i.e. it revolves around the client itself and is specifically created to address the needs of each person. The short-term inpatient treatment is also suitable for men and women who are smokers in addition to their addiction to drugs or alcohol. The goals of the treatment at Dick Van Dyke ATC are to provide a psychologically and physically safe environment to promote a positive treatment experience, facilitate the stabilization of persons physically and emotionally, and also to improve patients’ quality of life with successful treatment.
Family members and friends are encouraged to be actively involved in the treatment process because addiction to a client affects them too. That way, Dick Van Dyke ATC helps improve relationships, strengthens the community, and helps clients and their loved ones cope with this situation and resolve it successfully.
During the residential treatment, men and women attend various counseling sessions and other activities which are also gender-specific. Treatment of male patients focuses on issues of hostility and resentment toward authority and the self-reliance to the neglect of support-seeking. On the other hand, treatment of women revolves around issues of poor self-esteem and dependency on unhealthy and abusive relationships.
It’s also important to mention Dick Van Dyke ATC provides detox services which are performed in a safe and closely monitored setting. There are no outpatient services.

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Therapies Provided

Therapy options available to patients at Dick Van Dyke ATC include individual and group therapy. Group sessions teach patients to exchange experiences which show they’re not alone in the process but allows them to support one another during the recovery. Individual therapy sessions enable clients to discover the roots of their addiction and to cope with various life situations more healthily. Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are most frequently utilized.

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Payment Options

Dick Van Dyke ATC uses a sliding fee scale to allow clients or patients who wouldn’t be able to afford treatment to still get much-needed help. They work with each patient carefully to make sure they get access to the treatment services regardless of their ability to pay. Various payment options are available in addition to self-pay. These include Medicaid, state financial aid, financing and payment assistance, and private insurance. If you’re curious about the approximate costs of the treatment and whether it would be covered by your insurance, just contact the treatment center. They’ll provide all the info you need.

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Licenses

The treatment center is accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). CARF is an international organization, founded in 1966, whose primary mission is to raise the quality of care and services in rehab facilities. Considered a high honor, an alternative to Joint Commission, CARF accreditation is only issued to those treatment centers that provide exceptional services their patients truly deserve. Dick Van Dyke ATC is in a great company of many other rehab facilities that focused on their hard work and results to achieve this certification.

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Amenities

Amenities that are available to clients at Dick Van Dyke ATC include the following:

  • Dual diagnosis support
  • Psycho-education
  • Family program
  • Didactic lectures and presentations

Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center Staff

Staff at Dick Van Dyke ATC includes doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and counselors. The treatment center has a reputation to uphold so it’s obvious they would gather a team of qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals to take care of patients who need their help. Unfortunately, names and biographies of all team members are not revealed. Staff members displayed on the website include:

  • Andrew Merrill – director
  • Mary Ker – assistant director
  • Terri Colton – nurse administrator
  • Suzanne Panetti-Stewart – admission coordinator

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