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Saint Charles Hospital Overview

Saint Charles Hospital was originally founded in 1907 and was first known as the Brooklyn Home. The center was founded by a group of nuns who were concerned about homeless children in the area with certain disabilities. Shortly after, in 1910, the center was renamed to Saint Charles Hospital. Over the years, the center has expanded their facility, as well as the services that they are able to offer patients who come to them.
Today, Saint Charles Hospital forms part of the Catholic Health Services system and is a complete healthcare solution that can also assist patients who are having difficulties with substance abuse disorders, as well as those who are struggling to overcome co-occurring disorders. The specialized Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation unit of Saint Charles Hospital can provide addiction recovery services to patients over 18 years of age. The service is voluntary, and the hospital makes a point of letting patients know that they will never keep them in the program against their will.

Saint Charles Hospital Housing

There are two separate units at Saint Charles Hospital where patients can undergo treatment. The first unit specializes in providing patients access to detoxification services. This is a crucial part of treatment for patients who come to the facility while they are still suffering from their addiction. Up to 10 patients can be housed at the detox unit for treatment at a time.
The second unit is the facility’s inpatient treatment unit, where patients reside after they have undergone detoxification. The inpatient unit is divided into two section, with the one section providing housing for up to 30 male patients at a time, and a second division providing accommodation for up to 10 female patients at a time.

Saint Charles Hospital Treatment Options

Patients are assessed by a counselor when they first come to Saint Charles Hospital in order to ensure a program can be developed for the patient that will help them overcome their addiction and remain sober over the long run. Once the assessment is completed, the patient may be required to undergo detoxification before they can be entered into the residential treatment program that is offered in the Saint Charles Hospital rehabilitation unit.
There are various treatment options that may be included in the patient’s program in order to maximize their results, such as:

  • 12-step principle addiction recovery program
  • Counseling services
  • Breathalyzer tests and urine screens
  • Medical supervision services
  • Homework assignments
  • Workshops

Patients are also provided access to aftercare services once they have completed the main residential treatment program offered at Saint Charles Hospital.

Saint Charles Hospital Therapies Provided

Therapy is considered a vital part of the treatments offered at Saint Charles hospital, which is why every patient will be provided access to a dedicated counselor that will be helping them throughout their recovery. Patients will also undergo group therapy while in treatment, and they will gain access to support groups.

Saint Charles Hospital Payment Options

No details are provided in terms of the payment options that patients are provided access to when they need to undergo a treatment program in the rehabilitation unit of Saint Charles Hospital. Patients will need to inquire about the possibility of their insurance program being accepted at the center should they have an active insurance policy.
The admissions staff members will be able to verify the patient’s insurance policy benefits and determine if the patient may have any out-of-pocket expenses for treatment. Patients who are not insured may also inquire about the possibility of paying their bill over multiple installments if they are unable to afford the full bill payment amount upfront.

Saint Charles Hospital Accreditations

Saint Charles Hospital does not offer any particular details on their official website in terms of whether their rehabilitation unit has been accredited by appropriate authorities within the United States, or by any international bodies like the Joint Commission.
We were also unable to determine if the rehabilitation center at Saint Charles hospital has been licensed by the local state-based departments in New York. Patients should contact the center directly if they would like to find out about the licenses that have been issued to their rehabilitation unit, or any appropriate accreditations that have been awarded to the addiction treatment services.

Saint Charles Hospital Amenities

Patients who are being treated at the Saint Charles Hospital will be provided access to the cafeteria located inside the facility, where they will be served three meals on a daily basis. Patients in the rehabilitation unit will dine at the cafeteria with patients in other units of the hospital. Patients will also be provided access to a dietitian, who will be able to assist in ensuring a special menu can be compiled for those patients with special dietary needs.

Saint Charles Hospital Staff

Saint Charles Hospital is a relatively large facility that offers a large range of healthcare services to patients in the local area. While they do have a platform that patients can use to find specific doctors that are part of their facility, there is no indication of the specific doctors or psychiatrist who form part of the drug addiction program that the facility offers.
Patients who are interested in learning more about the staff members who are active in this particular unit of Saint Charles Hospital will need to visit the center or get in touch with the administrative staff to request more information. These staff members would be able to help the patient understand if the treatment team at the rehabilitation unit is appropriately experienced and qualified to provide them with addiction recovery services.

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