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Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Overview

Anuvia is a prevention and recovery treatment center that promotes wellness, life without substance abuse, and treats patients who battle with alcohol and drug addiction. The treatment center was founded back in 1957 when the State of North Carolina asked ABC Boards to dedicate a certain percentage of their profit to alcohol education and rehabilitation programs. Citizens realized there is a growing need for a facility or establishment that will not only promote wellness but also care for those who need help. The idea developed across the span of a few decades, clinics and organizations were formed.
In 1994, the Randolph Clinic and the Charlotte Council on Alcoholism merged into Chemical Dependency Center with a goal to provide a more effective, comprehensive and affordable treatment. On the 50th anniversary, the center was renamed to Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center to depict the whole-roundedness of the treatment and prevention services.
The facility provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment options but also offers intervention programs, community education, and so much more.

Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Housing

Residential or inpatient treatment services have been located at the Samuel Billings Center since 2015. The facility has 32 beds for patients with substance abuse disorder. The length of stay depends on the patient and severity of addiction, it can range from one to 28 days. Patients who undergo residential treatment services participate in group therapies and individual counseling where their family members can join as well. There is not much info about the food, but based on the fact Anuvia promotes healthy living we can conclude meals are well-balanced and nutrient-rich.

Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Treatment Options

While some centers provide only treatment services Anuvia strives to educate so they offer prevention services as well. The treatment center provides a full range of prevention and intervention services to reduce the negative influence of drug and alcohol misuse while promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Prevention services include:

  • Youth programs
  • Early intervention
  • Parent and family programs
  • Professional development
  • Community programs
  • Worksite wellness

Treatment services at Anuvia include:

  • Detox – detoxification program provides services 24/7 all year round to patients who are 18 and older. It’s a safe place to withdraw from alcohol and drugs without checking into the hospital
  • Outpatient treatment – various options available ranging from short-term programs for persons in early stages of substance abuse to intensive programs for persons with greater needs. Outpatient services also include adolescent treatment and support groups
  • Residential treatment – patients spend up to 28 days within the facility where they participate in support groups, individual counseling and other treatment approaches to overcome their substance abuse problem and recover successfully
  • DWI/court services – Anuvia specializes in court-related charges pertaining to DWI and other alcohol- and drug-related charges. The treatment center has various programs for persons who have been charged or convicted of impaired driving. Short-term treatments are available as well as early intervention programs

Before the actual treatment, patients first go through the assessment that determines the severity of addiction. After the evaluation, the adequate treatment option is recommended after which a patient receives much-needed guidance, counseling, and care. Treatment is a combination of client and group counseling, promotes abstinence, helps patients explore 12-step recovery and builds support that continues even after the treatment is over.

Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Payment Options

Prices of the treatment at Anuvia are not revealed, but the center describes them as financially affordable. Prior to the treatment, staff members discuss payment options with patients. Anuvia accepts major insurances including Medicaid. The treatment center also provides sliding fees for patients who qualify. In order to learn more about payment options including costs of the treatment, you need to contact Anuvia.
The only price that is revealed on the website is the average cost of an assessment. Prices of the evaluations vary depending on the type of the assessment but the average price is $100. However, out of state DWI requires an additional $75 for the processing fee. For patients from a few states yet another fee costing $75 is charged due to extensive paperwork so the total price for assessment in their case would be $260.

Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Accreditations

In 2001, Anuvia has been accredited by CARF (the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). As an international non-profit organization, CARF puts an emphasis on quality, value, and successful services. This accreditation is an evidence that Anuvia provides good care to their patients where the needs of every individual are met successfully.

Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Amenities

Anuvia is a great place for persons who want to overcome their drug- or alcohol-related problem, but also for family or friends who want to stage an intervention for their loved one. That’s the place that offers education, guidance, and support.

Anuvia Prevention & Recovery Center Staff

Patients who come to Anuvia in order to overcome the addiction are in good hands. The treatment center has a great team of professionals who are educated and trained to handle different kinds of cases successfully. The official website reveals names staff members, which many treatment centers don’t, but their bios and photos are not available. The only thing you can see is a list of names and roles they have, but it’s easy to put two and two together and conclude that the lineup is truly impressive. Staff members who care for the center and the patients at Anuvia are:

  • Larry R. Snider – executive director
  • Cindy Murphy – director of prevention and intervention services
  • Jo-Ellen McQuade – director of human resources
  • Mackie Johnson – director of clinical services
  • Charity Arnold – clinical supervisor – day treatment
  • Edward Blevins – detox services
  • Christian Cirkoski – facilities supervisor
  • Angela Daniell – administrative supervisor
  • Brittany Hammond – clinical supervisor – residential services
  • Dianne Lyman – court services supervisor
  • Zorana Roldan Romo – prevention supervisor
  • Heather Drum – clinical compliance manager

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