Bethel Colony of Mercy, Lenoir, North Carolina

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1675 Bethel Colony Road
Lenoir, NC, 28645

Overview of Bethel Colony of Mercy

Bethel Colony of Mercy is a free drug and alcohol rehab facility that uses a faith-based approach to healing and recovery. The slogan at Bethel Colony of Mercy is “Victory through Christ”. The teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible are used as a foundation in this facility’s treatment programs. Patients are counseled and educated about the disastrous effects of addiction and healing approaches based on Christian teachings are applied to them. Currently, the facility accommodates only men. The residential program is of 65 days duration.

The facility provides a safe, peaceful, and therapeutic environment for residents where they indulge in prayers, worship, counseling, devotionals, and guided personal Bible study. Residents also have to take part in community projects during their stay at the facility. The routine maintenance of facilities and upkeep of grounds is also the responsibility of the residents. Through this spiritual journey of prayer and worship combined with the community service and daily chores, residents are given a new hope and direction in life. They are able to improve their physical and mental health along with a more positive outlook on life. Thus, patients are empowered to break their chains of addiction through a spiritual journey to recovery.

Housing and Food

The Bethel Colony of Mercy is located in the beautiful city of Lenoir in North Carolina. It is built as a complex of buildings overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. The facility offers a peaceful, safe, and secure environment to its residents where they can start their spiritual journey to recovery. The buildings and wings are built in modern but modest architecture. Student dorms are provided which can accommodate 82 men. Each quarter is shared by two men. The quarters are modestly furnished with single beds, desks, and shared closet for residents. Bathrooms are situated next to the quarters with each bathroom shared by residents of five rooms.

The facility includes a chapel where prayers and worship services are held. There is a gym containing adequate exercise equipment inside the facility. Apart from that, recreational areas for residents are provided where they can relax and have fun in sports and other healthy activities. Food is served in the cafeteria three times a day and eaten in the dining hall. The ingredients for foods are supplied through donations and food banks. Healthy menus are created for each meal time. Residents have a variety of food options to choose from including vegan and vegetarian foods.

Treatment Options at Bethel Colony of Mercy

The different treatment options available at Bethel Colony of Mercy are:

  • Residential Treatment for Alcoholism
  • Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse

The following substances’ abuse is treated at Bethel Colony of Mercy:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs

Therapies at Bethel Colony of Mercy

Bethel Colony of Mercy offers the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Classroom Teaching
  • Personal Counseling
  • Worship Services

Payment Options

The Bethel Colony of Mercy is a faith-based facility where treatment is provided against alcohol addiction and substance use addiction. It uses the principles and teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ to let the patient achieve victory over his addictions. The facility basically provides free treatment to troubled individuals. Only an entry fee of $250 is to be submitted at the time of admission. After that, the services are completely free for the course of residential treatment which initially is of 65 days duration. If the need is, this period can be extended four times for patients by 30 days each time.

Licenses and Accreditations of Bethel Colony of Mercy

Bethel Colony of Mercy has the following accreditations and licenses:

  • Licensed by the State of North Carolina

Bethel Colony of Mercy Advantages

Bethel Colony of Mercy uses a faith-based approach to fighting the horrors of addiction in adult males. Their mission is to help men suffering from alcoholism, substance abuse, and behavioral disorders implement the teachings of Jesus Christ in their lives in an effort to achieve victory over their problems. This is done through a thorough study of the teachings of Bible and lifestyles of Jesus Christ. Residents are able to change their lifestyles in which they allow Jesus Christ to take control of their lives and give it a new direction. Residents also take part in community service and engage in chores in the facility. This enables them to have increased self-confidence and a positive feeling about themselves which helps in their recovery process. The residential program at Bethel Colony of Mercy is currently for men only. A women’s wing is under construction via donations.

Staff at Bethel Colony of Mercy

Rev. Paul Pruitt
Executive Director

Rev. Paul joined the Bethel Colony of Mercy in 2003 as a Pastor and Counselor where he was promoted to Executive Director in 2012. He has an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies. He graduated from the Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute in 2001. Before joining the Bethel Colony, he served as pastor, teacher, and counselor.

Rev. Don Loss
Associate Director

Rev. Don joined Bethel Colony in 1984 as Associate Director and Director of Counseling. He has a graduate degree from Southern Illinois University. He graduated from Columbia International University with a Masters in Divinity. Before joining Bethel Colony, he worked as an Assistant Manager and in the US Army.

Rev. Paul Ritchie
Senior Pastor

Rev. Paul joined Bethel Colony in 1986 as Executive Director and now serves as Senior Pastor. He has an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and graduated from Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. Before joining Bethel Colony, he worked as a farmer, plant manager, business owner, and director of Ministry programs. He has also been involved in Baptist Lay Witness Ministry for a decade.

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