New Destiny Treatment Center, Clinton, Ohio

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6694 Taylor RD
Clinton, OH, 44216

Overview of New Destiny Treatment Center

Located in Clinton Ohio, New Destiny Treatment Center is one of the best substance abuse treatment facility in that area. This facility specializes in the treatment of any sort of substance abuse, such as alcohol and Drugs like cocaine, heroin etc.
Initially started in 1961 as a place where drug addicts and the homeless come to receive shelter, clothes, and Food, it was later reconstructed in 1993 as a rehabilitation center.
New Destiny Treatment Center offers inpatient treatment option for patients who would like to live in the facility and focus solely on their recovery process and outpatient treatment option for patients who want to get their service but still want to go back home every day.
New Destiny Treatment Center offers Medically Assisted Detox service to their patients and has programs for men, women and young adults.

Accommodation and Food at New Destiny Treatment Center

New Destiny Treatment Center facility is a large white building located in a small town in the Akron metropolitan area in Clinton Ohio. This facility takes up to 18 men at once and all are double rooms furnished with twin beds, the patients are given dressers to keep their personal belongings. The staffs of New Destiny Treatment Center does everything possible to keep their patients comfortable for the duration of the recovery process. This facility also has a team of security officials to keep watch on the patients throughout the day and night.
New Destiny Treatment Center provides an on-site chef who draws out a menu and prepares three meals per day for the patients. The menu is made to accommodate patients who have allergies and food restrictions.

Treatment Options at New Destiny Treatment Center

At New Destiny Treatment Center patients are evaluated physically and mentally to determine the level of treatment their patients need. In a case whereby the patient wants a treatment option different from what the patient actually needs, there is a team of counselors on staff to advice and explain why the patient needs the treatment need the treatment option referred to him/her.
The various Treatment option available in New Destiny Treatment Center include :

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Relapse prevention
  • Sober Living homes

Medical Assisted Detox:

  • Vivitrol detox
  • Buprenorphine Detox

Therapy Choices at the New Destiny Treatment Center

This facility offers two therapy option that has been proven by the staffs of New Destiny Treatment Center to be effective in the recovery process of the patients. The therapy choices at New Destiny Treatment Center include:
Group Therapy: In this option, the staffs of New Destiny Treatment Center put their patients in groups. This therapy option involves the recovery of the patients as well as interactions between group members during the recovery process.
There are different group therapy modalities involved such as:

  • Psycho-Education
  • Support Groups
  • Experimental Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy

Payment Options and Insurances

New Destiny Treatment Center charges are unknown but can be gotten on communication with the facility.
The payment options accepted by New Destiny Treatment Center include :

  • Military Insurance
  • Medicaid
  • Self-pay option
  • Private insurance


New Destiny Treatment Center is not licensed by the state of Ohio.

New Destiny Treatment Center Advantages

Founded in 1993, New Destiny Treatment Center has been operating for over 25 years of service providing its participants with experienced services. It gives a chance to its patients to work in themselves both internally and externally to achieve a better personality. New Destiny Treatment Center is a Christian-based facility that not only helps the patient focus the recovery process but leads them to Christ and helps them build their spirit, soul, and body.
This facility has been saving lives in its area for more than 25 years and has been a blessing to the families affected by the addiction problems in Clinton Ohio.

Staff at New Destiny Treatment Center

The staffs at New Destiny Treatment Center includes nurses, CADCs, Doctors, Psychiatrists, therapists, and pharmacists. The staffs at this facility have years of experience providing treatment and they are a qualified team of professionals who handle addiction issues generally. They commit to their work and ensure that anyone who comes to New Destiny Treatment Center actually recovers.
Psychotherapy is administered and handled by certified and licensed Masters-level psychologists and counselors who work in a group and individual sessions.
The staffs at Fresh Start Ministries include:

  • Dr. Bolois Ph.D., LICDC-CS – Executive Director
  • Dr. Phillips – Medical Director
  • Dr. Kennedy – Medical Director
  • Dr. Jacobson – Medical Director
  • Dr. Jennifer Durham, MBA, LPCC-S – Director of Mental Health Services
  • Wanda Schuller – Director of Human resources
  • Lew English – Outpatient Director
  • Vance Little – Quality Assurance
  • Connie Hawthorn – Medical team Supervisor
  • Mike Drake – Maintenance Supervisor
  • Tory Toler – Office Manager
  • Kellie Farris – Food Service Supervisor
  • Cris Prillaman – Public Relations
  • Jeff McEndree – Director of IT
  • Christy Cocklin – Administrative Assistant

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