KeyStone Center, Chester, Pennsylvania

West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
2001 Providence Ave
Chester, PA, 19013

KeyStone Center Overview

KeyStone Center is a facility located in Pennsylvania that offers a large range of treatments that are specifically tailored to assist in the recovery from addictions. The center primarily assists patients who are addicted to drugs, as well as those with alcohol addiction. A specialized program has also been developed for patients who have a gambling problem. While the majority of treatment options that are available at the center are provided through a residential inpatient setting, there are several types of partial hospitalization programs and outpatient treatment options that can also be utilized.

Housing at KeyStone Center

All patients who are admitted to a residential program at KeyStone Center are usually treated and housed at the Victorian mansion, owned by the company. The facility has a total of 130 beds and three flours. Men and women are treated on separate floors in the facility. Furthermore, up to four patients may occupy a single room, as some rooms are fitted with four beds. The rooms have been developed to provide a dorm-style atmosphere. There are restroom facilities located throughout the building, and all patients have access to showers.

Treatment Options at KeyStone Center

KeyStone Center offers quite an extensive list of treatment options that can help patients overcome addictions, as well as assist patients in treating co-occurring mental disorders. Many patients who come in with an addiction to alcohol or drugs tend to experience additional mental problems, such as anxiety, phobias, social isolation, bipolar disorder, and depression. Through the specialized care services that are offered to patients, these conditions can be treated while the patient is being supported through their journey of overcoming the drugs or alcohol addiction they suffer from.
Patients can live under residential treatment as part of the inpatient programs that are offered by the center. Several outpatient programs are also provided, including aftercare support for patients who have undergone an inpatient treatment program.

The services and treatment options offered at KeyStone Center include:

  • Detoxification that is medically monitored by qualified and experienced staff members
  • Full rehabilitation services and programs
  • Treatment plans that can assist with co-occurring mental disorders
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatments
  • In addition to these services, the facility is also able to assist in the treatment of gambling addictions.

Payment Options at KeyStone Center

All patients admitted to KeyStone Center are responsible for the full payment of the bill they are given according to the particular services and treatments that they require for recovery. The facility does not provide any details on whether or not they accept insurance policies or medical aid plans. Patients are able to get in touch with the admission office in order to determine whether or not their medical health policy might be accepted at the facility.
It should be noted that full payment is requested from the patient and the facility does not provide an in-house option for payment arrangements. Patients who are unable to pay for their treatment in full can, however, apply for special financing through a selected number of agencies that the facility has partnered up with. These financing options are subject to approval from the relevant agencies.
The facility does not provide any specific information in regards to how much patients are charged for the treatments that they offer. The average amount for a 28-day stay at the facility in one of the residential programs that are offered is $11,200. The specific amount billed to a patient may defer, as a customized program is offered to each patient to meet their particular requirements.


KeyStone Center is an accredited facility that provides quality care services to patients with addiction problems. The center has been awarded certification by The Joint Commission. This is a not-for-profit organization that is responsible for determining the quality of care provided by rehabilitation centers throughout the United States. Additionally, the center has also received accreditation from the National Action Alliance For Suicide Prevention. No details on whether the facility has been licensed by appropriate State-based authorities are provided on their website.

Amenities at KeyStone Center

The amenities available at KeyStone Center include access to counseling offices, where patients are treated and provided with therapy sessions, as well as a variety of facilities that offer the patients an opportunity to relax and unwind. A TV room is provided to patients during their free time in the evening. A dining area is available, where meals are served several times per day as well. The facility features an internal décor that ensures the patients treated can feel at home and comfortable at all times. A relatively large outdoor area is also available where patients can walk and enjoy some time in nature.


KeyStone Center has published a list of staff that makes up the leadership team at the facility, allowing patients to become aware of who will be in charge of the facility and the programs they need to undergo while they are admitted and treated.

Michael J. Salazar (Psy.D)
Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a licensed Psychologist. He has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, which he received from Widener University. He also has a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology, which he obtained from Temple University.

Roger Cambor (MD)
Medical Director

Roger received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. He has more than 15 years of experience in adult psychiatry. He completed his residency in psychiatry at the Weill-Cornell New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Other staff members include:

  • Michael Morton (M.A., LMFT, CSAT-S) – Director of the Extended Care Unit
  • Deborah Voluck (M.Ed, M.F.T, CAADC, LPC) – Director of Clinical Services
  • George Collins (Psy.D, MBA) – Director of Psychological Services

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