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Discovery House Harrisburg Review
99 South Cameron St
Harrisburg, PA, 17101

The Discovery House Harrisburg is an outpatient rehab serving men and women suffering from opioid addiction. Discovery House is a national network of outpatient group homes, operated by Acadia Health, with eighteen houses in four different states.

Discovery House Harrisburg offers men and women who may not otherwise have the time or resources to attend inpatient programs, sober living facilities and medication assisted therapy. Discovery House Harrisburg also provides social support services, like life-skills training, vocational training and extended care for addiction treatment.

Discovering Again

The Discovery House Harrisburg location is on a well-traveled road, in the gritty, industrial city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which also happens to be the state capital of Pennsylvania. There’s not much to say about the facility itself.

The Discovery House Harrisburg central office, being an outpatient clinic, does not have to impress anyone with crystal chandeliers or Italian marble. Discovery House Harrisburg offers outpatient treatments for men and women suffering specifically from opioid addiction.

Discovery House Harrisburg accepts walk-ins or previously scheduled appointments for assessments and intake evaluations. Patients can either be referred by their family physician or voluntarily make inquiries.

Assessments allow intake staff the chance to fully understand a patient’s background, and medical and psychological history. Depending on the assessment, patients may receive a combination of medication to help induce withdrawal, like Methadone or Suboxone to manage their withdrawal symptoms.

On the Brink

Outpatient program lengths can last for as long as they are needed. Patients, along with their treatment team make the final decision on how long they want to continue receiving treatment. However, Discovery House Harrisburg makes it a point not to keep you medication for an extended amount of time. No matter which drug addiction medication they get, patients must also attend counseling sessions as a part of treatment.

Counseling at Discovery House Harrisburg comes in the form of both addiction education classes, family counseling and education classes, and group therapy. Relapse prevention classes can also be attended by patients as well as their loved ones to ensure a long-lasting recovery.

Since most of Discovery House Harrisburg’s patients are intravenous drug users, they also receive care and treatment for all the attendant medical conditions associated with IV drug use. Patients are screened for HIV/AIDS or other infectious diseases and attend educational courses dealing with their overall health.

Discovery House Harrisburg seeks to treat all aspects of a person’s addiction so they try to attend to a patient’s life outside of their treatment sessions. Patients receive educational support and often get nutritional counseling, given that the methadone treatments make patients crave sugary foods loaded with carbohydrates.

A believer in the outpatient format of treatment (whether because of necessity since most of their clientele cannot afford long, residential treatment stays or because it is a more effective form of treatment) means that Discovery House Harrisburg puts all of their resources into treatment.

Discovery House Harrisburg offers men and women a place for them to feel wanted. It encourages them to change their lives with a mixture of evidence-based and holistic approaches.

Price for Discovery House Harrisburg Outpatient services, all-inclusive: $105.00/week

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Discovery House Harrisburg

99 South Cameron St

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