AdCare Rhode Island, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Buildings along Thomas Street, in Providence
1950 Tower Hill Road
North Kingstown, RI, 02852

Overview of AdCare Rhode Island

Client’s who want admission into AdCare Rhode Island should contact the facility by the number providen. The client will be assessed and information about the patient’s addiction history, family and insurance would be taken. At this junction, the specialist who assessed the patient would identify a treatment plan that would be best suitable for the client or the client’s loved one and schedule an admission date for the client.
The patients are offered a set of treatment options which are licensed and have been used in the treatment of patients suffering from drugs and alcohol abuse for years. The treatment approach used by this facility is licensed by the government and has been proven to be effective.
The accommodation offered by this facility is a quiet and safe environment for the patients admitted into Adcare Rhode Island and also offers their patients a fully functional basketball court and a fully equipped fitness center.

Accommodation and Food at AdCare Rhode Island

The accommodation offered by AdCare Rhode Island has a capacity of 46 beds and is well equipped to help in the speedy recovery of their patients. The facility which is located at North Kingstown Rhode Island can be found in the quiet nature-like environment of North Kingstown and is safe and comfortable for patients who need rehabilitation services. The accommodation of this facility also offers their patients a fully equipped fitness center and a standard basketball court for those who would like extra recreational activities.

Treatment Options at AdCare Rhode Island

At AdCare Rhode Island, treatment services are offered to patients right after they pass through a psychiatric evaluation of the patient’s unique situation conducted by the facility’s licensed professionals who immediately after the evaluation would design a plan that would suit their patient’s rehabilitation needs.
The treatment options made available by AdCare Rhode Island to their patients include:

  • 24-hour Clinical Care
  • Medically Assisted Detox
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Intervention Services

Therapy Choices at AdCare Rhode Island

The therapy choices offered at this facility although few have been really influential in the recovery process of patients admitted into this facility. Although the duration, time frame of the therapy, and a number of therapy sessions a patient needs to attend a day is currently uncertain, this facility claims to have one of the most advanced methods of therapy which is said to help their patients recovery properly.
The therapy choices made available by AdCare Rhode Island to their patients Include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Experimental Therapy

Payment Options and Insurances

The cost of treatment at AdCare Rhode Island is based on a sliding scale. Patients, who would like to apply to the facility, should contact the facility by the phone number provided for further information.
The acceptable payment options available at AdCare Rhode Island include:

  • Private Insurance
  • Self-Pay Options
  • Medicare


AdCare Rhode Island is licensed by The Joint Commission (TJC).

AdCare Rhode Island Advantages

AdCare Rhode Island has been treating mental health issues and substance abuse problems for quite a long time and has been known to provide quality, innovative and cost-efficient treatment services and is currently tagged one of the best rehabilitation centers in Rhode Island. They provide their patients with the best patient-centered treatment services and a comfortable, quiet and safe environment in where the recovery process of their patients won’t be disrupted. This facility offers a range of treatment services which not only helps the facility’s specialist determine the right option for their patients but also helps the patient find a treatment service that suits their budget.
The recent toll of success stories from Adcare Rhode Island has without that doubt proven that this facility is achieving their aim of improving the lives of both their patients and the families of their patients by providing them with effective, safe and recovery based drug and alcohol abuse treatment services. They offer medically assisted detox services to patients who have been found to be needing them. The services last up to five days and patients who have undergone medically assisted detox service at this facility would testify that they had already been seeing signs of changes after the detox service.
Adcare Rhode Island operates their facility utilizing a workforce of highly trained individuals who are always ready to provide treatment services to the patients admitted into their facility. This group of individuals has been influential in the growth and reputation of this facility in providing administrative and treatment services that would be used in the safe recovery of patients who have visited this facility seeking rehabilitation help and other that will also visit this facility for the same cause.

Staff at AdCare Rhode Island

The staffs working at AdCare Rhode Island is a team of trained personnel who have been working as substance abuse treatment providers for years and have earned a reputation doing so. The team of staffs includes therapists, nurses, certified medical doctors, psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists who have years of experience on the job.
Some of the important individuals working for AdCare Rhode Island as their staff includes:

  • Jeffrey W. Hillis – President and CEO
  • Patrice M. Muchowski – Senior Vice President of Clinical Services
  • Georganna Koppermann – Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Community Services
  • David W. Hillis Jr. – Vice President of Outpatient Operations
  • Joan. L Bertrand – Vice President of Human Resources
  • Marcella Rivard – Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Treasurer
  • Dr. Alhabbal – Medical Director

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