Owl’s Nest Recovery Community, Florence, South Carolina

Folly Beach, South Carolina.
2528 W Palmetto St
Florence, SC, 29501

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Overview

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community is a facility based in nature that helps patients who are going through troubles imposed by an addiction overcome these disorders and start to live a healthy, sober life once again. All of the services that patients are provided when they require treatment at the Owl’s Nest Recovery Community are evidence-based approaches and takes the patient’s needs into account to provide them with services that will help them achieve a point in life where they can feel happy and positive again.

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Housing

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community offers a large facility where patients can reside while they are undergoing an individualized treatment plan that was developed for them by one of the counselors who is stationed in the admissions department of the facility. The facility where patients are provided with housing can facilitate up to 50 patients at a time. The bedrooms are located in two separate wings within the facility, as the facility provides gender-specific sleeping environments for all of the patients being treated. Male and female patients will reside in separate wings but are allowed to socialize in the common areas during the day.

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Treatment Options

The treatments that patients are presented at Owl’s Nest Recovery Community depends on the individual patient, as each program is individualized in order to ensure they can receive the care services that they need to recover more effectively. There are different types of addictions that the facility can help the patient with, including:

  • Cocaine addiction
  • Crack addiction
  • Benzos addiction
  • Methamphetamine addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Alcohol addiction

There are two main types of programs offered to patients, including:

  • Intensive residential treatment
  • Transitional residential treatment

Patients will start with the intensive residential treatment program and then progress toward the transitional residential treatment program when the counselors overseeing the patient’s care decides that they are ready.

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Therapies Provided

Patients at the Owl’s Nest Recovery Community will undergo multiple therapy sessions during their stay in a residential treatment program. These therapy sessions aim to help the patient recover and to set them on a path of healing. Patients will primarily rely on one-on-one therapy sessions, but will also gain access to group therapy sessions at the facility.

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Payment Options

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community aims to make addiction treatment accessible to those who are committed to making a positive change in their own lives, which is why they accept multiple insurance providers and also offers the patient an opportunity to make special arrangements with a financial counselor if they are unable to afford to pay for their bill in advance before the patient is admitted and starts to undergo treatment at the facility. Several self-pay options are available, and patients can continue to pay their monthly bill by using an online form on the company’s official website.

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Accreditations

No useful information has been provided on the company’s official website in regards to the accreditations that any national body has awarded them in recent years. We could also not find any information about licenses that state-based authorities have provided the company with. What we did find is that the facility is currently a member of an association known as DHEC, as well as a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. If patients do find that they feel less comfortable not knowing about the licenses and accreditations of Owl’s Nest Recovery Community, they should contact the front office and ask for more details on these matters.

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Amenities

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community want patients to feel comfortable during their stay, which is why they provide the patient with numerous amenities to help them during their time at the center. The facility provides patients access to lounge areas where they can socialize with the other patients, watch television, and more. Additionally, there are specific meditation areas throughout the facility that are used to provide patients with meditation sessions. A volleyball court filled with sand is also available at the facility, and patients are also provided access to a private oasis, where benches are located underneath trees to ensure patients can relax and unwind in nature, even when the sun is out.

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community Staff

Owl’s Nest Recovery Community has not provided any type of list of the staff members that can be found at the facility on their official website. We did find information that suggests that all of the primary staff members at the facility has gone through addictions themselves in the past, and were able to recover successfully. This means that patients who are interested in undergoing a treatment program at this facility will be provided help and support by people who know what they are going through; thus better compassion can be showcased toward each of the patients who require treatment.
There are some patients who may still find that knowing about the specific staff members who they will meet at the facility before they go in to be admitted makes them more comfortable. These patients are advised to get in touch with the facility or perhaps ask for a tour of the premises before they are submitted. This way, the patient would be able to meet some of the staff members who will be actively providing them with support during their stay at Owl’s Nest Recovery Community.

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