Phoenix Center, Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina, USA
1400 Cleveland St
Greenville, SC, 29607

Phoenix Center Overview

Phoenix Center is a complete treatment solution for addictions among the general population. The center was established to deliver a wide range of services to the local community that all help to address substance abuse disorders among both adults and adolescents. Special programs have also been established by the company in order to provide further assistance to women who are going through tough times in their lives that have been brought on by an addiction that they are suffering from, including those women who have children that they need to care for.
Patients who are in need of help are welcomed to get in touch with the center, even when they might be going through a tough financial time, as the center is able to make special arrangements to assist the patient in getting the help that they need.

Phoenix Center Housing

Phoenix Center owns a 29-acre building where they are able to provide patients with treatment. Multiple residential programs are offered to patients who need to undergo treatment at the facility. It should be noted, however, that not everyone will be served at the facility through one of the residential programs that are available. Only a selected number of patients are provided access to the housing program that is part of the facility – these include adolescents, as well as adult women who have a child that they need to care for.
Women with children are allowed to stay in Serenity Place, which is a sober living environment with a total of 16 beds. Each of the female patients may have up to two children with them while being treated and will have access to their own private room. An additional facility is available, known as the White Horse Academy, where up to 16 adolescent male patients are able to stay while undergoing addiction treatment.

Phoenix Center Treatment Options

Numerous treatments have been established by the Phoenix Center to provide the patients who come to the facility for help with appropriate services that will help them overcome the substance abuse disorders that they are struggling with, causing them to be faced with dark times in their own lives. The treatment services that patients can be provided access to at Phoenix Center are divided into different categories in order to better serve the clients who need help with services that are specific to what they require to recover.
The categories of treatment provided to patients at Phoenix Center include:

  • Adult Treatment Services
  • Child & Adolescent Services

Adults may be provided with the following treatment options:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Detoxification
  • Women’s Residential Services
  • DUI services
  • OBI services
  • DOT services
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Drug Screening

Services available to adolescents include:

  • Outpatient and residential treatments
  • Prevention educational classes
  • Drug screening
  • Phoenix Center Therapies Provided

There are different types of therapies that a patient will be provided as part of their treatment plan in order to ensure that they can effectively recovery, as well as to help them heal from the damage that has already been done to their lives through the specific addictions that they are suffering from. All patients will be participating in one-on-one therapy sessions with one of the licensed therapists at Phoenix Center to help them through their recovery period.
Group therapy sessions are also held multiple times each week, and patients are invited to attend these sessions to assist them in Tehri recovery further, as well as to ensure they can be introduced to a healthy way of socializing with other people. During these group therapy sessions, the patient is also able to listen to how other people have recovered and how a drug and alcohol-free life is helping them.

Phoenix Center Payment Options

Payment is the responsibility of the patient. Patients can provide the facility with their insurance details if they would like to verify their benefits. If the patient is not insured or their insurance provider is unable to cover the fees of their treatment program, then the patient will be able to make appropriate arrangements with the financial counselor at Phoenix Center in order to help the patient get access to treatment.

Phoenix Center Accreditations

Phoenix Center provides details of their accreditations on the official website that represents their services. The facility has specified that they have been fully accredited by the Joint Commission, providing evidence of the quality services that they are able to provide their patients with.

Phoenix Center Amenities

Phoenix Center does not provide a comprehensive overview of the specific amenities that patients will be given access to when they undergo a residential treatment service at their facility. Patients who might be interested in understanding whether any specific amenities might be provided to them should get in touch with the facility to gain answers to the particular questions that they might have.

Phoenix Center Staff

Phoenix Center’s official website has a page that is dedicated to providing more information about the staff members that are located at the facility, but when the page is opened, the company only shares a single name on the page. The company only provide the patient with details of the executive director that are active at the facility. Patients who may require more details about the staff members who are employed at the Phoenix Center before they might want to undergo treatment at the center should contact the center directly. The staff members will be able to provide the patient with more information and help them feel more comfortable by assuring them that the therapists are appropriately licensed and certified to provide them with psychiatric services.

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