Lakeside Behavioral Health System, Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee, USA
2911 Brunswick Road
Memphis, TN, 38133

Lakeside Behavioral Health Overview

Lakeside Behavioral Health is a rehabilitation facility located in Memphis, Tennessee. The facility has a large campus with over 300 beds available for patients being treated on residential programs. The institute mainly provides addiction treatment programs that help patients get clean and start their journey toward healing. The institute provides a customized treatment plan for every patient to ensure their specific needs can be met while providing them with treatment that will provide them with a maximum level of success in regards to quitting drugs or alcohol, as well as to help the patient recover from co-occurring mental diseases like depression or anxiety.

Housing at Lakeside Behavioral Health

Apart from providing outpatient services to milder cases of addiction, depression, and other conditions treated at the facility, inpatient and residential services are also offered by the institute. Lakeside Behavioral Health has a campus that stretches out 37 acres. There are currently 305 beds in the entire facility that ensures adequate space is available to treat a relatively large number of patients. The campus has been broken up into different parts, which ensures patients can obtain specialized care depending on the particular programs that they are in.

Treatment Options at Lakeside Behavioral Health

Treatment at the Lakeside Behavioral Health facility starts with a free and confidential assessment. A counselor will conduct an interview with the patient that is in need of treatment from the facility. During the interview, the patient will be asked several questions. This is an important part of the treatment process and allows the counselor to determine how severe the patient’s case is, and whether the programs that are offered at the facility could be appropriate for treating the patient.
Lakeside Behavioral Health treats a large number of conditions. The institute is mainly known for their addiction treatment programs, which help patients recover from substance abuse – this includes both drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Apart from their substance abuse treatments, the facility also has programs to treat co-occurring mental disorders, including bipolar disorder and depression symptoms. Both adolescents and adults are welcomes at the center. A specific program has also been developed for senior patients experiencing mental health problems.
Different levels of care, treatment options, and programs are presented to patients who require assistance from the Lakeside Behavioral Health Institute.
Programs are available for all types of substance abuse problems and addictions. The facility can simultaneously treat co-occurring illnesses. The co-occurring diseases covered by the institute include anxiety disorders, depression, abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, and panic disorders. Behavioral problems that are caused by the addiction can also be treated by the programs offered at the facility.
The institute does not only treat patients with substance abuse problems but also patients with existing mental health conditions. A specialty department has been established for the treatment of bipolar disorder. A multi-discipline staff team is involved in this department, all of who understands how the disease works and how it needs to be treated.
The Neuroscience Center offers various treatment options for more severe psychological diseases, especially in cases where conventional treatments like antidepressants do not provide a significant improvement in the patient’s symptoms. Treatments offered at the center include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Electro Convulsive Therapy.

Payment Options at Lakeside Behavioral Health

The preferred payment option at Lakeside Behavioral Health is through a health insurance policy. The institute accepts a large number of agencies that offer such policies, including:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • MultiPlan
  • Humana
  • BlueCross BlueShield

Patients with a policy at a different agency can still get in touch with the institute to discuss their benefits and to determine if their policy would cover the cost of treatment at the Lakeside Behavioral Health facility.
When a patient is not covered by a health care policy, they can still be admitted to the facility but will be responsible for all incurred fees. Various payment options are available to patients, including customized repayment plans that allow the patient to pay their bill over a certain number of months. Patients need to discuss repayment prior to submission with the financial counselor.


Many patients are interested in knowing whether facilities like Lakeside Behavioral Health and the programs they offer have been licensed or accredited by any institutions. Unfortunately, even after some research, we could not find any information regarding potential licenses that this facility may hold. Patients who are concerned about licensing are advised to ask the counselor that performs their assessment during the initial screening process. This may help the patient obtain more details on the bodies that have accredited the treatment programs offered by the facility.

Amenities at Lakeside Behavioral Health

Lakeside Behavioral Health has a single facility where patients are treated, regardless of the program type that they are entered into. The facility offers 24/7 supervision by trained staff members. All patients also have access to a licensed therapist during their prescribed sessions, and any complications that arise will be treated by health professionals and referred to the closest hospital or clinic if needed.
Overall, Lakeside Behavioral Health provides a professional recovery and substance abuse services to both adults and adolescents. The institute has developed a variety of treatment programs that can be customized to the specific needs of each patient; thus ensuring a more successful outcome. Full-time supervision, along with licensed physicians and therapists, also ensure the highest quality of care for patients in both inpatient and outpatient treatments.


Lakeside Behavioral Health does not share detailed information about all of their staff members, such as therapists and physicians that will be caring for the patient’s mental and physical wellbeing while they are admitted to the facility. The company does, however, share some details about individuals that are part of the company’s executive team. These include:

  • Joy Golden – Chief Executive Office (Start at Lakeside Behavioral health in 1997 as a psychiatric nurse)
  • Hal Brunt, MD – Medical Director (Yale University Graduate)

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